Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet Nurse Shannon ...

I feel so lucky to be apart of this amazing project called BLOOD DRIVE!!
My character Nurse Shannon is officially ready for the book now!! The best part about this book is the proceeds will go toward finding a cure for breast cancer!  There will be more info. on the book soon....
 Here is a little bit about her:

BLOOD DRIVE, the character Nurse Shannon (as modeled after Inkerbella) Graphite and Digital painting (by Dennis Willman), with photo elements (tattoos) 2012-2013 .  *Nurse Shannon is an outspoken vamp. not only is she in charge of creating the genetically enhanced Mr. Death Bats, but also possesses an IQ of 451.  She also does not believe in the traditional uses for tape. ---Dennis Willman 

I'm amazed at the work Dennis did on my character!! Thank you so much for all the hard work!! You rock! Plus a special shout out to my Kelsey for being my photographer that he got the original picture from!! You are the best! 

With out further hesitation she is...


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