Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit/Red Carpet Event

I was so hounred to have the chance to go to the Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit on April 27th, 2011.
Met so many great people while I was there, and had a great time! Got to meet Mr. Heart of Gold himself~David Harrison Levi. He is truely a good man with super care of others. Thank you for putting on such a special event!
Got to hang with my good friends Ron Whitaker and Isabella....always a blast to be with them.  Great entertainment and fun that night!

Inkerbella Attends "Elizabeth Taylor Memorial, AIDS Benefit"
April 2011

I feel it's really important that people know that AIDS is still live and active and out there. The best way to prevent it from happening to you or someone you love is to always be protected, and stay informed!  It's best to get tested and you can still live a long happy life! 

Inkerbella with David Harrison Levi and his lovely Lady Rosy
At the Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit
April 2011

Elizabeth Taylor was a super talented actress....amazing for her time!    She has been in so many super  films and I could only hope to be in half as many films as she was in!  She devoted so much of her time donating and supporting ways for a cure for HIV/AIDS!  What an amazing lady!  She will truly be missed! RIP Liz.

Here are some images from my night at this lovely event!

Inkerbella Attends "Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit"
Pic. by Celeb. Photographer: Diana Ligon

Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit
Ron Whitaker, Inkerbella, Isabella
Pic by Celeb Photograher: Emerson Chen

Inkerbella and Isabella
Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit
Pic by Celeb Photographer: Frank Ross

Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit
Inkerbella and Isabella
Pic by Celeb Photographer: Travis Jourdain

Ron Whitaker, Inkerbella and Isabella
Attend Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit
Pic by Celeb Photographer: Diana Ligon

Elizabeth Taylor Memorial AIDS Benefit
Pic by Celeb. Photographer: Marcus Tremble

Kisses to Liz

A Special Thank you to all the Celebrity Photographers that came out that night!
With out you.....we'd miss so many things documented! SO THANK YOU for all you do! ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inkerbella Signature Perfume Line

Sniff, Sniff Hooray!!
Did you know that I have my own Designer line of Perfume?
It was developed back in 2009 with the help of Black Corset Candles.
I currently have 2 scents in my line!
You can order online or buy in Stores if you live in the Los Angeles area.


A Pin Ups Closet
16448 Beach Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 848-5705
A Pin Ups Closet Site


Viva Dulce Marina
950 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(626) 441-8482
Viva Dulce Marina Site


Inkerbella Perfume
~Smells of Jasmine and Vanilla Bean with a hint of Soft Musk
Comes in the cutest vintage bottle Only $23.00

Inkerbella Perfume
You can Purchase the Inkerbella Perfume in Stores or online
In the EXTRAS section!

The 2nd Perfume in my line is:

Inkerbella's Candy Floss Perfume
~Smells just like Cotton Candy you would get at the Carnival
Only $17.50 Each

Inkerbella's Candy Floss Perfume
You can Purchase in Stores or order online
In the EXTRAS section!

Art work for Ad by: Rockabilly Richie
Ty Richie!! ;)

Art by Rockabilly Richie
Original Pic by Tim Hunter
This Ad was seen in "Bachelor Pad Magazine" Issue #13 Sept 2010

Art by Rockabilly Richie
Original Pic by Tim Hunter
This Ad was seen in "Pin Up America Magazine" Issue #1 Jan/Feb. 2011

A few other fun things in my line:

The Inkerbella Car Air Fresheners
Only $2.75 Each

To Order Contact ME:
Art by: Rockabilly Richie

To Order Contact me:
Art by: Mark Gerardi

Thanks again for your support....and if you have purchase any of my items...please let me know what you think? If you do, I will send you a signed picture of your choice as a Thank you!! ;)
Send me your comments, questions, or picture of YOU with MY products at

Cheers to Smelling Super! ;)


P.S. A few other fun places the Inkerbella Perfume Line has been seen!

Dynamite! Magazine-Germany Aug/Sept 2010 Issue
This lovely Magazine did an interview about my Perfume!
It's in German so if you really want to read will need to do the google translator!

Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue #31 Aug. 2010
I was mentioned in this sweet article!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Japan Relief Benefit Red Carpet Event

I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend a super benefit on April 7th, 2011!
 Back a few months you all know, Japan was struck with many earthquakes which tore up their communities!  It's so sad to see the damage that was cause by these natural  forces of nature. Tara Cardinal was the Host of the event and what a super sweet lady to take the time to put on this Charity Event.  The Event was sponcered by:  Dark Delicacies, BleedFest Film Festival, and There were so many people there to support a good cause and to help others in need! I was so happy to be able to donate to this cause and help better our friends in Japan.

Here are a few images from the event!

Tattoo Jared, Inkerbella and Leslie Easterbrook
(Was great to see Leslie Again, we got to work together on the "Thor-The Rock Opera" Film)
"Japan Relief Benefit"

Del Howison, Tara Cardinal, Lance Hendriksen, Inkerbella
Found on

Inkerbella and DeeDee Bigelow
Pic by Celeb. Photographer: Kevin Hahn

Inkerbella and Ron Whitaker

Inkerbell and Isabella

Mo Whelan and Inkerbella

Check Out This Link about the event:

Take a peek at this video:

We have to always be grateful for what we have, and if we can help others weather it be with money, donating items or even a smile and a hug to someone in never know how it will change their world!


"Thor-The Rock Opera" Feature Film

How exciting!! I was casted in my 1st Feature Film!!  "Thor-The Rock Opera"
The film is just about complete and will be out on DVD and Bluray SOON!!! ;)

I play a Babe-Barian called what else but "Bella Barian"
It was a ton of fun. I met the best people who are now great friends!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" is a spoof type film that shows clips from the orginal feature film "Thor-The Rock N Roll Nightmare" that was shot back in the 80's. The Film shows clips from the 80's feature as well as some concert footage of Thor rockin' out. Then of course, there is the new addition...that's where I come in. The story line is quite entertaining and can be seen by all audiences!  I would consider this film to be a mix of SciFi/Action/Comedy.

I will post more info. soon as to when the film is out for purchase!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" was recently seen at the Shock Stock Film Festival in London-Ontario, Canada a few weeks ago on April 29th-May 1st, 2011 and got great reviews!

Next "Thor-The Rock Opera" is scheduled to be seen at DOM in Helsinki, Finland on June 1, 2011
and will also make an appearance at the Muskelrock Festival in Tyrolen, Sweden on June 2-4, 2011.

For more info on Thor...

Here are some behind the scenes images on set of "Thor-The Rock Opera"
More info. to follow soon!! ;)
Thanks so much for your support!


On set: Isabella, Matt, Inkerbella
"Thor-The Rock Opera"

Ron Whitaker, Inkerbella, Jim C. (The Orginal Stig from Rock N Roll Nightmare)
On the Set of : "Thor-The Rock Opera"

Inkerbella, JC Fasano (Director), Isabella
On the Set of:"Thor-The Rock Opera"

Isabella, Matt, Inkerbella, Gene (Camera Man)
On the Set of: "Thor-The Rock Opera"

Gene, Kasia, Matt, Daavid, JC, Isabella, Ron, Inkerbella, Jim
On the Set of:"Thor-The Rock Opera"

"Thor-The Rock Opera"
is going to be on the Big Screen on Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Playing at New City in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Check it out!!


Hello everyone in Cyber World! ;)
So here I am...I figured I might as well start blogging since I have lots of things going on...that way everyone can keep up to date!! I do want to take a moment to Thank each of you for your continued support in following me!  It really does mean the world!

Keep your eyes peeled!! More to come soon!