Monday, April 14, 2014

My Daughter's Film "Bunnyman Massacre" On Chiller TV

Hoppy Easter....or is it???

Just in time to haunt your dreams this Easter...."Bunnyman Massacre AKA Bunnyman 2" Will be on Chiller TV THIS Friday April 18th, 2014 at 9:00 PM and again at 3:00 AM.

Kelsey Shoup with the Bunnyman Joshua Lang
On set Bunnyman Massacre 
Sept. 2011

Click here to See the Schedule, CHILLER 

This is a film that my Daughter Kelsey Shoup got to act in!! She filmed back in 2011 and it was quite a fun experience for her. This was her 1st film...and one she will never forget! She got to play a school bus student who tries to escape that crazed Bunnyman!!  We got to meet some amazing and talented people on this film.  She was on set for 6 hours and couldn't get enough of it!!
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this film and for allowing my Daughter to be apart of it!
Best Wishes and Congrats to EVERYONE involved!!

Up at 4:00 AM to get to set for Bunnyman
All Smiles for her 1st Film
Sept. 2011

Film Poster 

WATCH THE TRAILER...Look real close and you will see her in the school bus!

On set of Bunnyman Massacre 
Kelsey and I catching up on break time!! 
Sept. 2011

Kelsey Shoup
On set of Bunnyman Massacre
Sept. 2011
Pic by Natalia Wong

So proud of my little movie star
On set of Bunnyman Massacre 
Sept. 2011

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Innocent Blood at CAAMFEST2014

So this year is off to another super start with Innocent Blood!!
It's off to another Film Festival!!
This one is called CAAMFest2014 in Northern California!!  It will be screening in 3 Cities in the Month of March.....Check below for more info!!  Thanks and Congrats again to ALL the Cast and Crew!! 



March 15, 2014 at 8:30 PM
Pacific Film Archive Theater 
2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720

March 17, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
1881 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

March 22, 2014 at 8:00 PM
The New Parkway Theater
474 24th St, Oakland

Tickets are $12.00 Each!! Follow this to ORDER ONLINE!! 

on set of Innocent Blood

Inkerbella & Jun-Sung  Kim 
on set of Innocent Blood

Inkerbella & Trip Hope
at the Premiere of Innocent Blood 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Better than Bullies" Premiering in the UK!!

Super exciting news!!!
Just heard that the film my Daughter Kelsey Shoup stars in, "Better than Bullies" will be screening this weekend in the UK!!  It will be seen at Jennifer's Bodies-An Official Women in Horror Recognition Month Event!

My Daughter plays Martha in this short film!! She did a fantastic job!! This was a project that we got to work on together!! You won't see me in this film, but you will hear my I play her Mom..shocking, I know!! lol  We got to work with a group of amazing people in the industry on this project!!  Brenda and Lis Fies are a super power house!! We feel so special to have gotten an oppertunity to work with them and everyone else!!

Enjoy the show!!

Saturday, Feb. 22nd, 2014
10:00 PM (Doors Open at 7 PM) 

In the Cinema Room 
29-35 Niddry Street, 
EH1 1LG Edinburgh, United Kingdom

FREE to get in but DONATIONS will gladly be accepted!! :) 
**All money raised is to be donated to Unite to Care, a charity raising awareness to the cruel and archaic methods used by medical researchers that involve Beagles**

Kelsey Shoup
on set of Better than Bullies
Oct. 2011

Thanks for your support!!! It means a lot of us!!

on set of Better than Bullies
Oct. 2011

At the Premiere of "Better than Bullies" in Burbank, CA
Inkerbella and Kelsey Shoup 
Nov. 2011

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Innocent Blood Screening in Berlin, Germany

So super cool....Innocent Blood will be screening internationally once again!! This time it will make a stop at Berlinale at the EFM (European Film Market)  Berlin Film Market in Berlin Germany!! Congrats to all the cast and crew!! :)

Your invited to check it out!!

WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 9th, 2014 at 17:30

LOCATION: EFM14 (European Flim Market) 

Marriott Stand  #125

EFM / Marriott Cinemaxx15
Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1
Berlin, Germany 

CLICK HERE to see INNOCENT BLOOD listed in the Participants page 

CLICK HERE to purchase your TICKETS 


Thanks again for all your continued support!!! :) 

On the set of Innocent Blood


Innocent Blood #1
Innocent Blood #2
Innocent Blood #3
Innocent Blood #4
Innocent Blood #5
Innocent Blood #6
Innocent Blood #7
Innocent Blood #8
Innocent Blood #9
Innocent Blood #10
Innocent Blood #11

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shout-Out in an Interview!!

At Hollyshorts Film Festival 
8.13 Screening at the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

So my  friend Chris Charles who runs has done some interview with me in the past.  He is a great interviewer and runs an awesome site that features actors, models etc.  Any ways, he interviewed my friend and co-worker/director Traycee King.  Traycee and I are both fellow Ghoul Girls and worked together on 8.13 which I know I have talked a lot about! :)

Traycee had an awesome interview with Chris where she gave me some shout-outs that melted my heart!! Just had to pass that along here to show how greatful I am to her for that.  Thanks again are amazing to work with and for!! Thanks for the oppertunities you have given me and my Daughter with 8.13 and I can't wait to work with you again soon!!

Shout out on IdolFeatures

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Innocent Blood Closing Night film in Seattle!!

Innocent Blood has been kicking ass and hitting so many amazing film festivals since last year!!  Just got word that it will be the Closing night film at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival!!  Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard on this film...and for all the work to get it out there for the public to see!! :) I feel so super lucky to have been apart of this film!!

Guess what???

WHEN: Feb. 9th, 2014
TIME: 7:30 PM

4816 Rainier Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98118



Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Amazing Art work of New Zealand's Brian Gibbs

Geezes, I feel so very special and lucky when people share their talents with me!! :)
Back in 2011 Brian Gibbs of New Zealand surprised me with some amazing art work of....well you guessed! :)   Since I'm not sure I have shared it on here since I started blogging about a year ago...I wanted to share it today! :)
See more HERE 

Inkerbella Art by Brian Gibbs, New Zealand 2011

Well....I'm lucky once again as the super talented Brain Gibbs shares his talent yet again with me!! :) 
He came up with this amazing piece of work...his combination of all the things I love, Spiders, Tim Burton-like, Spikes, Dark, Wings, Horns, Skulls and  Devil like!! 
The process is quite amazing....he actually shared that with me.  It took him about 4 days working on it on and off in his spare time.  Look at how amazing this really is!!

Inkerbella Art by Brain Gibbs, New Zealand 2014

Once again THANK YOU Brain for sharing your super amazing talents with little ol' me! :) I really appreciate all the time and efforts you put into this!! THANKS!

You can purchase the print as well.... Stickers, T-Shirts, Hoodies and Prints
See more info at the bottom of the page!!
Thanks for your support!! HUGS

Art in Progress...

Inkerbella Art in Progress #1 

Inkerbella Art in Progress #2

Inkerbella Art in Progress #3

Inkerbella Art in Progress #4

Inkerbella Art in Progress #5

Inkerbella Art in Progress #5