Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guess who joined the Cast of 8.13 !!!

Hey Guys!!

I'm so very excited to announce that I have joined the cast of the Award Winning Web Series called ,
" 8.13 " !!! ;)
I feel like a super duper lucky girl to get this amazing opportunity!! Everyone I got to work with was so wonderful and talented!! Can't wait to do more! ;)

So your probably wondering what 8.13 is all my quickie version I would have to say it's about Zom813's attacking Los Angeles!! Hell yea!! ;) Who doesn't like Zom813's, Right? ;)

As stated on the official Website for 8.13 .....
(( ))

"Three different groups of people, three different points of views, the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles and little chance of survival.  While the groups struggle to keep alive, we find that they’re not as different as they seem.  Their lives intertwine with each other; unfolding with the story.  They quickly learn that while the zombies are a threat, the real threat comes not from the dead, but from themselves.  Be prepared for a roller coaster ride ala 24, Crash and Diary of the Dead."

8.13 is continuing season 1 !!! I'm looking forward to doing more with my new Zom813 Family!! ;)

Check out this Teaser I'm in!!! Wahooo!!
8.13 Teaser Trailer (ZOMBIES)

Please Subscribe to the 8.13 Series on YouTube and Pass it on to your friends!!
I sure appreciate your support!!
Make sure you check out the back episodes so you can catch up on all the thrilling adventures of 8.13 !!!

Big Bloody

On set of 8.13
Zom813 Bella
Pic by Beau Ryan

In the Make Up Chair
for 8.13

Quiet On the Set .... 8.13

Camera Man: Beau Ryan
on set of 8.13

Zom813 Inkerbella and the talented Make Up Artist Chrissy Salazar
on the set of 8.13

Everyone should spoon a Zom813!
Inkerbella and Chrissy

Inkerbella, (Creator/Producer of 8.13) Traycee King and Fellow Zom813 Alejandro Miaer
on set of 8.13

Inkerbella, (Director/Writer) Mando Franco, and Alejandro Maier
On set of 8.13
Zom813....Eat Flesh! ;Z

Thanks for checking it out! I had a BLAST on set and can't wait to do more soon!
Keep your eyes peeled for more Bloody Zom813's ;Z

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UPDATE 8/27/11

Super exciting...."Shock Till you Drop" has featured the 8.13 teaser/trailer 
Check it out...

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Silent Crossroads" Film Premiere

On July 27th, 2011 I got the opportunity to attend the premiere of the film, "Silent Crossroads", put on by David Harrison Levi.
It was held at the Falcon Ultra Lounge in Hollywood, CA. Luckily we were about a block away from the Hollywood Riots...silly for sure..but it sure slowed up the traffic in the surrounding area. I'm just glad it wasn't too close.

It was a super night...the film was neato!
Great location, the venue was lovely....super night!

Here are a few pictures from the night....


Inkerbella Attends "Silent Crossroads" Film Premiere
July 2011 Hollywood, Ca

Tattoo Jared and Inkerbella
at the Falcon Ultra Lounge in Hollywood, Ca
"Silent Crossroads" Premiere
Pic by Celeb. Photg. Diana L.

Tattoo Jared, Inkerbella, Isabella and Ron Whitaker
at the Falcon Ultra Lounge in Hollywood, CA
July 2011

Inkerbella and Said Faraj
Falcon Ultra Lounge, Hollywood, CA
July 2011

Tattoo Jared, Inkerbella, Isabella and Ron Whitaker
Attend "Silent Crossroads" Film Premier
Hollywood, Ca
July 2011
Pic. by Celeb. Photographer Diana L.

Inkerbella, Said Faraj, Samira Kazemeni, Isabella
attend "Silent Crossroads" Film Premiere
Hollywood, CA July 2011
Pic by Celeb. Photog. Diana L.

Jared, Inkerbella, Said, Samira, friend, Isabella, Ron
Attend "Silent Crossroads" Film Premiere
July 2011
Pic. by Celeb. Photog. Diana L.