Tuesday, August 28, 2012



I feel so super lucky that I was picked to be a part of this amazing project that the super duper talented Dennis Willman is heading up!!  It's called BLOOD DRIVE!!  

If you read the top banner you will see it's all about Vampires!! And who doesn't like Vampires?? ;) 
There will be a book published in 2013 and all the money earned will go to charity for breast cancer awareness!  For me that is near and dear as I have lost family members and friends to that nasty killer!

I did my photoshoot for this project on Sunday, August 26th, with the help of my lovely Daughter behind the flash!!  

There will be more soon!! 
Until is a sneak peek of my character "Nurse Shannon"

for the BLOOD DRIVE Project! 

P.S. a few links to check out:

I Want to give a shout out and THANK YOU to Dennis for all his hard work!! You are amazing!! I love my character!!! YOU ROCK!! ;) BIG HUGS

A BIG HUGE Thank you and shout out to my Daughter Kelsey for being my photographer, you are the bestest ever baby!! Love you!!  KISSES

Part 1, Cover 1 
Due out Fall 2013

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Super Pooper Girl

So....the other day this old Hannah Montana Song came on my iPod called "Super Girl".
The funny thing is, everything I hear that darn song I thought she should be saying
Super Pooper Girl.

We were on our way home for our photoshoot and I said to my Daughter.....we should totally make
our own song up.  Like re-write the lyrics!

We had a BLAST re-writing the lyrics....we were cracking up so much!!

Anyways...we couldn't just stop at just that!! We ended up putting together a sing along music video!



Hope it brings a smile to your face and a chuckle in your belly!!
We have way too much fun doing this!!


SteamWolf Symphony PhotoShoot

Photoshoot for SteamWolf Symphony

There is this new company that my friend Candace Miller runs called
"SteamWolf Symphony.  She make really unique, cute accessories!!

My Daughter Kelsey and I got to model for her this past weekend!!
I always love when I get a chance to work with my Daughter on projects!

We had a blast!!

Here are the shots she got of us from that day.
Make sure you check out her website so you can purchase some cute little ears or horns!!

Kelsey Modeling Kitty Ears 
for SteamWolf Symphony

Mommy and Daughter Kitty Ears
for SteamWolf Symphony

Modeling Cat Ears 
for SteamWolf Symphony

Cars Planes and Motorcycles Book

"Cars Planes and Motorcycles" Vol.1 book
This is the front and back covers...can you find me??

Hey guys...

Well, I was lucky enough to land in another published book!!
This one is called "Cars Planes and Motorcycles" Vol. 1

Me with my copy of the book I'm in "Cars Planes and Motorcycles"

It's out NOW!!
You can order it online at Amazon....


Thanks again for your support!!!