Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Fix the Chapel" Inkerbella Pic on Ebay!!

I recently donated one of my signed photos from the TV show I'm in "8.13" 8.13 Website
 for a super good cause!

"Fix The Chapel"

This is a big deal because this chapel was part of the movie "Night of the Living Dead" from 1968.  It's become quite the cinematic icon over the years. They are wanting to tear it down! So in order to not have that happen, they are raising money through donations and auction items to get enough to remodel it!

I would like to thank everyone who spread the word about the auction. Also to the people who donated and bid on the picture! I sure appreciate your support and help on saving this piece of horror film history! I was happy to see it go for $31.00...Very cool! Thanks guys!!


P.S. A special shout out to Chrissy Salazar for doing an amazing Make Up Job!!! You rock Girl!! ;) HUGS 

Some Links:

Fix the Chapel Official Site

Save the Chapel FaceBook Page

Ebay Auction Items

Here is a glimpse of the picture that I donated for the auction...and how the auction went....

Signed Inkerbella Picture
for Ebay Auction for the "Fix the Chapel" Fund

Inkerbella Picture up on Ebay!
Jan. 2012

It went for $31.00
So very cool! Thanks guys!

Auction Bidding Activity


August 28, 2012

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK You to the people who always keep track of me and the projects I do!! Here is a super happy update I have to share....

Remember back in January I told you that I was involved with "Fix the Chapel" yes...the c
hapel from the movie "Night of the Living Dead"?

WELL because of your support and donations the chapel is in the process of being fixed!!! WAHOOO!! ;)
Thanks again guys!

More again soon!

The Chapel in the process of repair!! 
August 2012

Small but a very important part of the process has started. Getting the porch roof back up to where it needs to be so work can start on the rest of the roof and box gutters. See the supports in place at the cemetery today. 
 Yes folks the chapel will be saved.

"Deal" Doritos Commercial

Nov. 12, 2011
What a super fun day the 12th of November turned out to be!  I got to film a super fun Doritos Commercial with some amazingly  talented people! ;)
I was so super happy to get a chance to work on a project with my Daughter, Kelsey Shoup
Kelsey Shoup Web Site Link )  She was such a super sport and did a super job! This was a very special gig because I had my little buddy working with me!

We sure did our fair share of just laughing our asses off.  It was so much fun to see people's reactions as they saw us working on set....haha. I will never forget Jessica's now famous jump and point....awww!! ;) hehe!

Would like to give a shout out to all the amazing people that made this possible!  It's amazing how many crew members it takes to put productions one ever sees them, but I sure appreciate them.  Thanks to Carlos Carrasco, Alex Waltuch, Ken Waters, Brenda Fies and our Amazing MUA Matthew and Cynthia!

To all the was a pleasure to work with you!! It was great to make something so creative!  Best of luck to everyone in the future!

Here it is.....

Here are pictures of the adventure of becoming a Doritos Zombie!! ;)

Rebecca (Zombie), Sofia, Kelsey and Inkerbella (Zombies) Before Make Up
Nov. 12, 2011
Burbank, CA

MUA: Cynthia Bergiadis and Kelsey Shoup getting Zombiefied!

MUA: Matthew Mastrella and Inkerbella Getting Zombiefied!

Zombie Us
Now all we need is a little bit of Blood! ;)

Zombies: Rebecca Berg, Inkerbella and Kelsey Shoup
with Producer Brenda Fies.

Zombie Kelsey Shoup and Director Carlos Carrasco

Director Carlos Carrasco and Zombie Inkerbella
on set of "Deal"

On set of "Deal"
Picture by Winston Burris

Having a blast Inkerbella, Dave Reda, Rotten Kitty and Rebecca Berg
On set of "Deal"
Picture by Winston Burris

Beware of Zombies!! They LOVE Doritos
Dave Reda and Inkerbella
Picture by Winston Burris

On set of "Deal"
Lots of Crew members seen here! Thanks guys ..great job!
Actress Jessica Cameron with Ken Waters

On set of "Deal"
Rotten Kitty, Inkerbella, Dave Reda and Carlos Carrasco
Picture by Winston Burris

On set of "Deal" Still Shot
Inkerbella, Dave Reda, and Jessica Cameron

Having laughs on set of "Deal"

Zombies Westside Story
Rotten Kitty, Inkerbella, Dave Reda,
Angela Hernandez, Rebecca Berg, Kelsey Shoup
Winston Burris, Kenneth Andrews

Zombies Westside Story
Just having fun after we got done filming!!

Zombies LOVE Doritos!!
Kelsey Shoup


Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Interview....

Hey guys...

Take a peek at my most recent interview for the!!
I think it's so sweet how they started off the title and start to the interview....check it out..
A special Thanks to Francis Xavier of the for doing this super interview of me!! You rock!

**Bella** Inkerbella Interview

Model and Actress InkerBella is an Evolving Work of Art



 The New Year is almost upon us.  For some, it is a time of change, personal evolution and a time to shed the old and welcome in the new.  I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up my first year with than with a performer who exemplifies creative evolution and is living her happily ever after, every day.   InkerBella is a model, actress, wife, mother and muse/canvas for the alternative/pin-up/tattoo movements.  She also has a signature perfume line to die for.  I’m happy to have InkerBella as my year-end guest!