Friday, February 22, 2013

LIVE Podcast interview with "Charred Remains"

Hey Guys!!

So on Thursday, Feb. 21st I was thrilled to be on a LIVE Podcast interview with the super sweet southern Belle of Horror Char Hardin. Her podcast "Charred Remains" featured different Women in the horror industry as we all celebrate WiHM (Women in Horror Month) :)

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and listened LIVE on Thursday night.  There was 1,159 people who listened in LIVE and currently there has been over 4, 000 souls who have listened to the archived version of the show!  How super!! On top of all of that exciting news, the Podcast was a Staff Pick that night as well!!

So if you missed it...NEVER can listen to it HERE:
I'm on towards the end...around 108:20

Enjoy and thanks again to CHAR for the Interview and for all of you and your support in following my work!!


Thanks Char for your kind words:

This lady never ceases to amaze me with her positive influence in EVERY thing she does in her life and career. I love Inker Bella and truly cherish her friendship. She is one kind and generous spirit that everyone should experience once in their life. I am blessed to see her often. Thanks Bella for sharing my work on your blog and everywhere online. You so rock!

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