Saturday, February 23, 2013

8.13 Filming Episode 20 "The Lions Den" Out now!

December 2, 2012

Today we got to  mix things up a bit!! ;)
Yep, on set again with my Zom813 family!! We always have a blast!!
Tonight we are filming episode 20 titled "The Lions Den"!!
How are we mixing things up, you might ask....well..I'm NOT a zombie tonight!?  I get to be a new character!! Tonight I got to play a Cult Member!! haha.  Creepy Fun Stuff!!
Kelsey Shoup my Daughter and side kick got to also join in the creepy fun and become a cult member with me!! Yippie!! Her second appearance on 8.13!!  It was pretty cool because she was just coming to set with me tonight to hang out...but the creator/producer/editor/actress Traycee King said...hey...Kelsey, you want to be a cult member tonight?? She was like...ummm...what's a cult ?? I explained to her what we would be doing....and what that was.  lol. She then thought about it and said..SURE!  Luckily I had extra clothes with me and she can fit my sizes!! She was set!!  It's always extra special when someone on set asks for you to join the cast again!!  :) Thanks Traycee!!

We are on set...ready to Roll

Of course, we had a blast playing a creepy Cult members.....the set was nicely done...totally gave that spooky vibe!!  It was great fun!!

On set
Kelsey and I as Cult Members for 8.13 

It was a bittersweet night really....after just over a year working with my Zom813 family...I was officially wrapped!! WOW!  It has been such a fun journey!! I have learned lots, had lots of fun and met some truly amazing talent and made great friends!!!  We have all been bloody together, dirty, sweaty, cold, creepy and just plain spooky together and I'll miss it!!

It brought a tear to my eyes when I saw this on Facebook from Traycee..

I've got butterflies... next weekend is the LAST weekend of filming 8.13.. a 2 year project will finally end.

Thank you Sara Fletcher, Paula RhodesBuck Eff NaykedInker Bella, and Troy Butcher for being awesome the ENTIRE WEEKEND! You might be wrapped forever, but your creepiness will live on. ♥

Onward to the finish line!


I loved seeing that last little line..."your creepiness will live on" :) Love it!1

Now I must say...THANKS a the following people:

*Traycee King, for allowing me to be apart of your baby!
*Mando Franco, for being a super director 
*Rachael King, for coming right in w/o missing a beat and also being a terrific director
*Chris Bang. for letting us use your location and for producing/ and getting bloody w/us
*Ernie Lee, for producing and scaring away the creepy on-lookers and for the use of your location
*Dan Henry, for his excellent camera work
*Hart Fisher, for responding to my email and talking the time to talk to me and also for meeting up w/ Traycee and having 8.13 on your channel American Horror! 
*ALL the Makeup Artist...Past and Present for your amazing transformation skills!! THANK U we wouldn't be creepy without you!!
*To ALL the Crew...THANKS for all you do, you haven't been forgotten!!
*To ALL the has really been a blast!! I feel lucky to have been apart of this amazing Zom813's so awesome that our work will never be forgotten b/c we have it on film...and the great memories and good times will always be a memory I treasure!!


8.13 Episode 19 "Sanctuary"
We are in the very end of this one!!! 

Feb. 23, 2013
NEW out TODAY 8.13 Episode 20 "The Lions Den" 
Take a peek and see if you can spot me and my Daughter??



Still Shot #1 

Still shot #2

Still Shot #3

Still Shot #4



Clapboard from our day


Things are going to start to get bloody!

Here it comes!!

Traycee's coughed up blood....
After filming the same scene at least 6 hands were stained!
Took me over a day to get the red color off...
My souveineer from the day!!

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