Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Better than Bullies" Film / World Premiere!!


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My Daughter Kelsey Shoup and I got a chance to work a short film with 2 of our favorite ladies in horror Brenda Fies (Director), and Elisabeth Fies (Camera Woman, Producer).  The film we worked on is titled "Better than Bullies".  My Daughter plays Martha, a nerdy girl getting bullied and picked on by some fellow class mates. I did voice over work for this film, I play Martha's Mom.

Kelsey getting her Make up done by Cindy Escalante
Oct.9, 2011

This film really did touch our hearts!  Everyone has been bullied at some point in their life. I was bullied as a kid and my Daughter has had to deal with it already too!  It's something that sadly, won't be going out of style anytime soon. It's sad to know there are so many kids/adults out there that are directly effected by bulling!  Some people can get pass it on their own, while others might feel stuck in a rut...that there is no hope but to give up!  This film is a good way to make kids think about it from a different view.  Not to give up...but to find something in common with the bullies.

On set of "Better than Bullies"
Oct. 2011

Check out that close up!
On set of "Better than Bullies" 
Oct. 2011 

The best thing to do is talk to our kids, let them know we are there to help! Communication is always key to every good relationship.  Share this with your kids, or just talk to them about never know, they might be dealing with it now or know someone who is.  It just might help them turn the situation around!!  That is my hope anyways!  If we can touch one person's it be the victim or the bully, make them think about what is going on and how they can change it or stop it....that will make it all worth it to me!

More make up time with Cindy Escalante
for Short film "Better than Bullies"
Oct. 2011

Kelsey Reviewing her work!
"Better than Bullies"
Oct. 2011

 Last scene 
Kelsey Shoup, Brittni Recerra, and Madeline Kuhn
On set of "Better than Bullies" 
Oct. 2011

Brenda Fies, Kelsey Shoup, and Elisabeth Fies
It's a wrap on "Better than Bullies"
Oct. 2011

I'd like to offer up my personal email if there is anyone out there that needs advice, or just a friend to talk to. I'm willing to help!

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I would love to hear from you!

 At Bleedfest film Festival for the Premiere of "Better than Bullies"
Brittni, Brenda, Madeline and Kelsey
Nov. 2011

WORLD PREMIERE of "Better than Bullies"

On November 18th, 2011
the world premiere of the short film "Better than Bullies" showed at the Bleedfest Film Festival in Burbank, CA at Fotokem Screening Studio.

 Kelsey Shoup attends
Bleedfest Film Festival for World Premiere of "Better than Bullies"
Nov. 2011

Inkerbella and Kelsey Shoup attend 
Bleedfest Film Festival for the World Premiere of their film "Better than Bullies"
Nov. 2011

What a lovely venue and a great turn out!  Kelsey got interviewed by Jamison Reeves for INd TV, she did a great job answering his questions. The film was shown on the BIG screen and it was LOVELY! The ladies did an amazing job as always!! Kelsey and I felt so lucky and special to be a part of this production!  Thanks again to everyone involved!

 Kelsey Shoup gets interviewed for INd TV by Jamison Reeves
Nov. 2011

Brenda Fies and Inkerbella
Attend Bleedfest Film Festival for the Premiere of their film "Better than Bullies"
Nov. 2011

As always, there will be more fun to come!