Monday, February 27, 2012

"Have a Heart for Horror" Cook Book

Just in time for WiHM....
"Have a Heart for Horror" Cook book is now out and you can purchase it online TODAY!!
$45.00 for the Full in color cook book!! 

CLICK here to ORDER!!  

I was so happy to get a chance to be apart of this cook book!!
This 163 page cook book has a picture of me along with some of my favorite recipes too!! Yum Yum!!

It also has quite a few other lovely ladies in Horror that have submitted their recipes, artwork and poems! :)  So even if you don't cook, there is other neato things in there to check out!

On Saturday, the 25th of Feb. they had a sneak peek of the Cook Book over at the Viscera Bone Marrow Event in Los Angeles!!

The best part of all is the profits that are made go to a charity called "Get Safe USA".

They are a non-profit corporation dedicated to preventing real life horrors such as victims of abuse, domestic violence, teen youth shelters, halfway houses.  They even host an event annually for the developmentally and physically disabled.  This event in dedicated to educating them about safety in all environments.  If you would like to know more about Project Get Safe or learn about how to volunteer, go to .

  • Axelle Carolyn
  • The Soska Twins
  • Shannon Lark
  • Lis & Brenda Fies
  • Deryn Warren
  • Lia Scott Price
  • Reyna Young
  • Nishi Serrano
  • Ursula Dabrowsky
  • Devi Snively
  • Izabel Grondin
  • Geraldine Winters
  • Maude Michaud
  • Melanie Light
  • Corrine De Winter
  • Rebekah Herzberg
  • Sonya Thompson
  • Goldie Fatale
  • Inkerbella
  • The Slash n Dine ladies(Nicole Mikuzis & Megan Owens)
  • Scarlet von Harlet
  • April A. Taylor
  • Karen Lam
  • Susan Bell
  • Molly Madfis
  • Andie Noir
  • Ruby LaRocca
  • Rebecca Lorenne
  • Melantha Blackthorne
  • Shey Lyn Zanotti
  • Staci Layne Wilson
  • Heidi Honeycutt
  • Mary Katherine Sisco
  • Nikki Wall
  • Andrea Albin
  • Lisa Coffelt
  • Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn
  • Char Hardin
  • Roxsy Tyler
  • Beth Accomando
  • Rebecca Snow
  • Tristan Risk
  • Heidi Mannan
  • Tammi Sutton
  • April Monique Burril
  • Kathleen Valentin
  • Annette Slomka
  • L.C. Cruell
  • Ashleigh Nichols
  • Sandra Solanchick
  • Lianne Spiderbaby
  • Rebekah & Rachel Rife
  • Cristyn Wingood
  • Jennifer Cooper
  • Hannah Neurotica
  • Anne Norda
  • Kaci Hansen
Artists & Poets
  • Lindsay Beach(cover)
  • L. Whyte
  • April A. Taylor
  • Eilfie Music
  • Tina Enos
  • Bonnie Reid
  • Lisa Coffelt
  • Anne Norda
  • Tonjia Atomic
  • Angele Caron (graphic design covers)
  • Sharaya Brooks Miracle
  • Claire “Fluff” Llewellyn

So help this super charity out and  order yours today!!
Thanks for your support!

The Cover of 
"Have a Heart for Horror" Cook Book

Order yours today!

March 5, 2012

Update..I got my cook book today!! It is really put together well..They did a lovely job! You won't be disappointed.  Here is a quick peek ...

Inside the Cook book!! 



May 22, 2012

The cook book is now available in Black and the outside cover is still in color but the inside is B &W instead. The price for this book is $20.00 so it's good for people on a budget or for a chef in the kitchen who doesn't want to mess up the pretty color version!! Purrrfect gift, and remember part of the proceeds go to a Charity called "Get Safe USA" Read above to learn more!!

Thanks for your support!!


August 10, 2012

Thanks to all of you amazing people out there, we were able to give the organization "Get Safe USA" a check in the amount of $300 !! As awesome as that is, I would really like to do more for this amazing if you would like to purchase more cook books they are still for sale!! :) Remember, caring is sharing so please pass this on! 
We have some upcoming holidays so they would be great for gifts!!
Just click the links above to purchase and thanks again for your support! 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WiHM 2012

I was one of the lucky ladies who was asked to have an interview for WiHM 2012!! I am so thrilled!!
What? You don't know what that is? Well....let me help bring you up to speed...

WiHM=Women in Horror Month

Tattoos and Horror! My favorites! 

An interview with Inkerbella.


She’s an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. With her own line of fragrances, a successful modeling portfolio and a blossoming acting career, Inkerbella has certainly left her stamp on the horror industry. Although, in her case, leaving a stamp isn’t really her style- give her a tattoo gun and she’ll just carve her own niche into the body of horror!
As a constantly busy professional, Inkerbella also doubles as a doting mother (like many of the amazing women I’ve featured thus far and will be featuring for the next month and a half or so!).
Her talents, work and passion hit on all She’s also one of the most enthusiast ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting with.

Read more here: 

Yep the lovely month of February is when this annually happens!

So today being hearts day....I feel very super special to have my interview for WiHM release today!!

Take a peek and a read !!!
Make sure you also check out the other fellow ladies as the month continues!

Thanks again for all the continued support!!
Also, a special thanks to Justin Hamelin for his hard work and the interview!