Tuesday, March 26, 2013

8.13 Screening at LAweb Fest!!

I just got word that a few of the episodes I'm in for the Zom813 show 8.13 will be screening THIS Thursday, March 28th at 10:00 PM !! Come and watch a few 8.13 episodes on the big screen along with some other neato screenings!! :)


LAweb Fest Theathers
Radisson Hotel LAX
6225 W.  Century Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 
(310) 670-9000

8.13 Screens on Thursday, March 28th at 10:00 PM
Admission: $10 per screening block
LaJolla Room (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror) 

Thanks again for all your support in all I do!


8.13 Official Site
8.13 on IMDb

Guess who joined the cast?
Episode 10 "Home Sweet Home"
Episode 15 "One little Two..."
Episode 20 "Lions Den"
8.13 Music Video Mashup
Episode 19 "Sanitary"
Fix the Chapel

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pin-Up's for Felines 2014 Calendar!!

2014 Pin-Ups for Felines Calendar
For Sale NOW Only $14.99 Ea.
Note: Back side just above's me and my Starling! :) 

We are Pin-Ups for Felines "Helping the Cats Meow"
Helping raise money to fight Diabetes and help lower
the cost of spay and neutering felines.

I know...your probably thinking 2014 calendar? But didn't 2013 just start?  Well as you and I have both witnessed, this year is flying fast....holy man, I can't believe it's already March!!!

This calendar is very very special to me!! This was a project that I became a part of back in May 2010!!  I did this photoshoot with the talented Tim Hunter Photography and my special little fur less buddy Starling who was my side kick for the day.  Starling sure had a blast being under the warm lights!! She LOVES to be warm since she is a Sphynx she was always on the hunt for a warm spot!  We got some amazing shots that day, As you can of the pictures is on the back of the calendar right above the barcode!

On Back Cover of "Pin-Ups for Felines 2014 Calendar

As some of you know, my sweet Starling passed away in July 2012.  It was really hard to see your fur child go like that.  It broke mine and my families heart!  So now you know why this calendar means so much to me, it's honorers my dear Starling's Memory!  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her.  She has sent us signs of contact and that she is safe and ok now, but we sure miss her soothing purrs and peach-like fuzzy.  We love you Starling!! 

Miss. April 2014
Inkerbella and Starling
 picture by: Tim Hunter Photography
complied & published by: Michael Enoches

So go ahead and get a jump start on your holiday purchases, buy one for Birthdays you have coming up for your family or friends, Mother's Day, Father's Day....for just for no reason! ;) If you can't find a reason to pick one up....let me tell you why this is great, proceeds go towards raising funds to fight Diabetes and help lower the cost of spay and neutering felines.  Again, thank you for your support!! It means the world!


Order your Calendar online:
CLICK to ORDER 2014 Pin-Ups for Felines Calendar