Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Horrorphilia's Horror Hottie of the Month!!

Hey guys...
Take a peek at's Horror Hottie of the Month!! ;)
Thanks for taking the time to read my interview guys and for all your support!
A special Thanks to Horrorphilia's Jason for all the hard work and making me
your Horror Hottie of the Month!

 Another special shout out to the photographers who have worked with me as well
as the directors and other talented actors I've had a chance to work with!
Looking forward to doing much much more! ;)

Horrorphilia’s Horror Hottie for March is none other than the ultra talented model and actress – InkerBella! Enjoy the pictures and insightful interview with one of the sweetest ladies working in horror.


Friday, March 16, 2012

SPIKE TV's:" 1000 Ways to DIE!!"

Watch the Full Episode HERE
CLICK HERE to watch around 16:59

NOW on YouTube...take a look!! :) 

I had a BLAST filming for the TV show "1000 Ways to Die"!!
Here is the journey of how it all happened!!

Dec. 16, 2011
I got a call saying the casting director wanted me to come down to Sun Valley for an Audition!
The audition was way different that I have done up to this point.  It was all improv!  It was quite fun I must say and of course, they filmed it as always.  I felt pretty good about what I did, the casting director smiled and blushed a few I figured that was a good sign. Next was the waiting see if I got the call back.....most of the time, that is the hardest part!

Following the Signs....

Found where to off to audition!!

So right before Xmas I got a call....a super exciting call saying I GOT THE PART!!! Yippie!!!  I could hardly breath...I've been a fan of this show for quite a long time, and now I was actually going to be acting in one of the episodes!! WOW! ;) I felt soo soo lucky!!  I was super happy that I had booked my 1st gig for 2012 so soon!!  Looks like this year is going to start off with a bang!!  I really enjoy doing TV gigs a lot so I was thrilled to continue to get gigs in that direction!! ;)

Jan. 4, 2012
Fitting Day!
I went down to have my costume fitting today!  It was a lot of fun!! I got to meet the Wardrobe ladies and it was fun letting them dress me up like a dolly! hehe.  So many fun clothes to choose from.  They already knew exactly what they wanted for me so the process was pretty easy and fast! :)

Let's get this fitting started!!! :)

Jan. 10, 2012
Off to set bright and early today!! So very excited, I had a hard time sleeping the night before!! hehe!
Got there and ran into a few friends (people I like to call my Film Family) Jeffery Damnit saw me and yelled out my name. We walked on set together and ran into another friend Robert Page who is part of the crew there (didn't even realize he worked as a crew member there! hehe) . Met Paul Vinson as well, what a sweet guy with a big heart! Also, met up with another friend/film family member  Verona Blue. We actually worked together on CSI. It's so nice to work with her again. She's a great friend and talent! Made a new friend Illissa Mayrose...she's a kick in the pants!  We hung out and waited and had breakfast.  Then the Director Assistants came over and took me over to my trailer!
Now I knew I was casted as a principal actor today, but holy smokes...this was a super surprise to me!!

Off to my Trailer

So after we were all dressed, hair and makeup done by the talented crew! Off to set we go!!
They did an amazing job with the set up of the shop.  Oh yes by the way, I was playing a Tattoo Artist!  So they made a tattoo shop brought all kind of things in. It was great!  It was cool too b/c when we were on break, one of the crew member came over and introduced himself and told me that he saw my audition video. I was like, wow...really? That's cool. He said, you did a really great job!  I was so happy to hear that, it's not everyday a crew member does that!  :)

It was a blast to work on set. The Director, Tom McMahon was such a delight to work with. He was funny and so much fun!
We had our lunch break and finished working away some more. We wrapped and now I can't WAIT till it airs!! I heard rumor, that it is scheduled to air sometime late March so more soon!

Here are some more pictures from my day....ENJOY!!
Happy my Trailer!! 
Jan. 2012

Time for Hair and Makeup

Jeffery Damnit, Inkerbella and Paul Vinson 
on set of 1000 Ways to Die
Jan. 2012

Inkerbella, Ilissa Mayrose, Verona Blue
on set of 1000 Ways to Die
Jan. 2012

Paul Vinson's Arm
with a FAKE tattoo "Douche Bag" 
on set of 1000 Ways to Die

Jeffery Damnit
Doing some movie magic!!

Clapboard from our day
1000 Ways to Die
"Enter the Ferret", Season 4, Episode 401

Inkerbella as a Tattoo Artist
on set of 1000 Ways to Die
Jan. 2012

March 12, 2012

The episode Airs TONIGHT at 7 PM, 10 PM and 1 AM!!

Here is the link to watch the full episode if you missed it.....

Enjoy!! ;) 

Still shot 
From Left to Right....Tattoo Artist Bella, Zeke played by Jeffery Damnit and Verona. 

 Still shot
Inkerbella and Paul Vinson 

Still shot
Verona and Inkerbella 

Still shot
Jeffery, Verona, Inkerbella

Still Shot
Verona and Inkerbella

Still Shot
Jeffery, Paul , Verona and Inkerbella 

Thanks again for all your support!! ;) 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wandering Hallows Night Interview

Check out this neato interview that I did for
Wandering Hallows Night!!.......

Pin-up models beware—Inkerbella is one hot mamasita, a tattooed beauty who loves her horror! 

Thanks again for your continued support!! ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Where Beauty and Ink Collide!"

Just wanted to pass along the link of the book that I'm in called
"Where Beauty and Ink Collide! Skinned Canvases Vol.1 "
 You can order it online !!

Click HERE to order !

Take a peek!!

Thanks again for your support!!


May 21, 2012

Just released on Kindle!! You can purchase it for your Kindle and it's the first to come out of these books!!

Order for your Kindle HERE

Saturday, March 10, 2012

BlackBox TV's Scream Queen

Hey Guys....
So I was asked by BlackBox TV to help them out with a demo tape for a contest they are running!! I was so super happy and excited that they thought of me to help out!! ;)
They teamed up with and they are looking for your best Bloodcurdling scream!! If your picked, your scream will be featured on BlackBox TV!!  How cool is that?

Here is the video....take a peek...and while your there... go ahead and submit your best scream!

Best of luck!


P.S. A special shout out and BIG HUG to Chrissy S. You rock lady!! ;)

Neon Trees Music Video for "Everybody Talks"

Neon Trees
"Everybody Talks"



Feb. 13, 2012

My next job in 2012 is a super neato music video for the band Neon Trees!!  They have a new CD coming out in April 2012 and I got casted to shoot their music video for their single called "Everybody Talks" Let me tell you, I'm pretty sure this song is going to be a huge hit!! It's a super cute song...and super catchy!!

Got on set that day around 2pm and worked all night. We wrapped around 12:45 PM. It was a BLAST!

I was playing a Gothic Girl and got the most amazing prop to be in all night!!

So we were at Cadillac Jacks in Sun Valley.  The set was done up as a drive in movie from the 50' super cute!  Something super fun is a choreographer came in and taught us all a hand-jive they wanted us to do during the chorus...hehe...It was great, I will never forget it!

Here is the link to the can download it from iTunes!!
iTunes download for Neon Trees "Everybody Talks"

Here are some pictures from my day.... ;)

Cadillac Jacks
getting set up
Feb.13, 2012

Inside Cadillac Jacks

Inkerbella and Annie Hsu
Playing around on set 

Inkerbella, David SK Kim, Annie Hsu
hanging out on set

A familiar face...a friend/film family member 
Tim Dax and Inkerbella
We worked on CSI together in 2011.

Inkerbella, MoTown Maurice and Annie Hsu
on set of Neon Trees Everybody Talks 
Found Picture online

On set of Neon Trees Everybody Talks
Learning the DANCE!! Can you see me...a bit blurry but I'm there! 

Inkerbella playing a Gothic Girl
for the music video Neon Trees "Everybody Talks"

Inkerbella and Annie Hsu...the Happy Goths! ;) 

The prop I got to play in all night...and one of my dream cars
hehehe!! ;)
Where else would a gothic girl be showing up to a drive in movie in?

Here we are on set 
in our car!! :) 

Inkerbella and Annie
inside our Hearse on set of "Everybody Talks"

Inside the Hearse
Inkerbella, Annie Hsu, Chae Amando on set of "Everybody Talks"

The Band Neon Trees is getting in their car
don't you just love our green screen movie? hehe

Wanna ride???

On set of "Everybody Talks" Music Video

The Band Neon Trees


March 8, 2012

The music video is officially released....take a peek on Vevo and YouTube!! 
You will see me at the very end of the video!! Can you spot me??

 Still shot of the music video
You can see me in the left corner of the screen! 

Still shot on set of "Everybody Talks"
Me, Annie and Chae

One last still shot from the music video!


March 31, 2012

"Everybody Talks" Premieres on VH1's Top 20 Count Down!!!



October 6, 2012

Guess what??? "Everybody Talks" is officially #1 on the VH1 Top 20 Count down!!! Yippie!! Great job to everyone!!!