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"Get A Job" Film...I'm in it.. here is my story ((Flash Back to 2012))

"Get A Job" Finally Hit the Theatre's and On Demand March 25th, 2016 !!!
I was able to On Demand it so I'm going to share a little bit about my experience working on this film!   "Get A Job" Is a CBS Film about life after college and the struggles on finding a job!

Let me take you BACK... All the Way BACK........ to 2012

March 13th, 2012!!

Yep... that was the day I was hired to film some back ground work on the film "Get A Job"!!
I was so super thrilled when I found out the cast who were involved!!  I especially looked forward to working with Bryan Cranston as I have been a fan of his work back in the day "Malcolm in the Middle" and current for that time "Breaking Bad."    I arrived to set bright and early 5 AM in Pasadena, CA. I was so excited and when I arrived... I immediately made a new friend, Matt.  It's always nice to meet new people on set and see old "film family" members, as I like to call the people I have worked with many times.

Inkerbella and Matt Smith 
On Set of "Get A Job" 
March 2012 

So when you go on set to these things.... the hair and makeup people and wardrobe stylist meet up with you and go over what they want you to wear!  After that, it's a lot of sitting and waiting till they call for you.  In that time, you really get to know people and build friendships and I always enjoy that time. I look forward to actually working on set and having the excitement of the hustle and bustle  surrounding me!  

This was my view of the day
On Set of "Get A Job"
March 13th, 2012 

Robert Tarpinian and Inkerbella 
On Set of "Get A Job"
March 13, 2012
Robert is apart of my film family, we have worked together a lot! 

I got called in quite a bit to be used on set!! I'm always so happy when that happens!! My role is a coffee shop patron.  We went into this old building that was, I believe normally a bar.   I wish I would have written this sooner b/c now I don't remember the name of the actual location we were filming at exactly.  It was really cool inside and for the film, they made it look  more of a hip coffee shop.  There were cool pictures hanging on the wall.... the bar or counter area was so pretty with blueish green stones all over it, lovely!   They had me all over that coffee shop!!  At first, they had me along the bar area... they gave me an Apple MacBook (they were sponsored by Apple)  to "play"on to look like I was busy working on something.... and gave me some bright pink head phones to match my hair... you know the ones that have the puffy ear coverings.  Of course, I had some coffee (empty coffee mug)  and bread too that I needed to use during tapings, gotta keep things looking legit.  I then was moved over to a table in the middle of the coffee shop where 2 guys were sitting.  During our cuts, I would chat with them.... turned out, I was sitting with the films' writers Kyle Pennekamp and Scott Turpel!! They thought it was be fun to make a cameo appearance in their own film, which heck... why the fuck not!! :)  It was cool to talk to them and find out their process.  The AD moved me yet again... this time to the 1st table next to the door.  Turns out... that is the scene they ended up using! I was happy to see you can actually see me, I feel so lucky!! When you work BG,  sometimes your scenes get left on the cutting room floor... but as it turns out, mine was kept!!! Yippie!!  

Still Shot of the film "Get A Job" 
I spy someone with Pink & Black Hair... Yep... That's ME! :) 
 Premiered March 25th, 2016 

One of the highlights of the day.... was working with Bryan Cranston!!  He is a crack up in person!!! Oh my goodness, I remember filming this scene and he would say something super funny.... we were all supposed to be serious, and here he is they yell, "Action" and Bryan is making some type of funny joke... which of course makes the whole room bust up!!  Then we had to collect ourselves again... and  do another take.  It was awesome!! He's great and lights up a room!! I feel so lucky to have worked with him!! There is one part in the movie where he yells kind of loudly.... they had asked me to give him a dirty look... sadly, that didn't make the final movie... But, at least I have the memory of it! 

Another cool thing, was we took a break for lunch!  When you work on set they really do take good care of you.  The craft services were awesome and for lunch we had the option of either Fish or Chicken that they would cook on the BBQ right as you ordered it.  They also had many many sides and of course desserts as well.  Now, normally... well... a lot of the time. Big named actors don't hang around with all of us BG actors.  Bryan was the exception though!  He totally hung out... was talking to us, was totally down to earth! I like that... makes me like him even that much more!  He was even so kind as to let us snap a snap shot of him!  Thanks Bryan for being so super amazing!! I really hope to work with you again sometime! 

Bryan Cranston 
on set of "Get A Job" 
March 13, 2012

So... that brings us up to speed... to March 25th, 2016.  So a little over 4 years since the filming of "Get A Job" it FINALLY has been released!!! We all started to wonder if this day was ever going to come!?  Luckily, it did!  I was able to On Demand it and watched the whole film. I thought it was a great film with some witty humor in it!   I went ahead and took a clip of the movie so you will see the scene I'm in!   


As I enjoyed this film... I must give a WARNING .... This Film is NOT for my Little Bella Bears!! 

This film is rated R 
The following will be seen in this film: 

~Sexual Content 

WATCH "Get A Job" !!! 

Hope you enjoyed my little story and clip!! Even though I did BG work on this film.... it means the world to me!  Little parts, BG parts, Big parts with speaking parts... are all the same to me!! I enjoy each time I'm on set and get to participate in my life long dream of entertaining people. I'm looking forward to doing more soon!!  

Thanks for your support!! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Premiere Mar. 21, 2016... YEP, I WAS THERE!!!

My goodness.. I still can't believe I was at the Premiere of DTWS Season 22!!!
I figured I'd share my adventure with you .... b/c getting tickets to go... well it's like winning the lottery!!!

So I have watched DWTS for a few years now.  I wasn't all that into it until a few years ago when one of my Daughter's favorite band members Riker Lynch of R5 was on!  We got totally obsessed with the show then... watched it faithfully each week as well as voting for our favorites!!  I figured, man it would be awesome if I could get tickets to go!! So..... I did some research and found out how to get tickets.  I had to be put on a waiting list b/c the show is so popular that getting tickets is like winning the lottery!!

Sure enough, I had been on the waiting list for 2 years now!!  FINALLY on Thursday Mar. 17th, 2016 I got the magical email that said.. CONGRATS... You have the opportunity for tickets!  Now the thing of it is.. you gotta JUMP ON IT FAST!!  They only offer very few tickets to go.  Once they are gone, they are GONE!  So.. I texted my Daughter who was in school at the time and asked her if she wanted to ditch work with me and go to DWTS on Monday?!  She wasn't getting back to me as she was in school! I knew they would go fast and so I jumped right on it and reserved my tickets!!  The max amount you can get is 4... so I got all 4.  My Daughter got back to me... and of course said YES... and then I was able to respond... ok.. I GOT THEM!! :)   I was at my office job at the time and was ready to BURST at the seams!! I FINALLY GOT THEM!!!! Wow.. after waiting 2 years, I was starting to wonder if I ever would be lucky enough to get them??

The date I picked worked out great since Monday March 21st was the 1st day of my Daughter's spring break and bonus... the PREMIERE!! !!    She is trying for perfect attendance at school especially this year b/c they are giving away a 2016 Chevy car... so far so good.. she is now 1 out of 300 students in her whole school with perfect attendance for the school year. Fingers crossed!!
So with my 4 tickets I had 2 extras.  I had to invite my Mom b/c she has been a fan way longer than I have.  I ended up FaceTiming her to tell her the news b/c I wanted to see her face when I told her.  I asked her, "So, What are you doing Monday, b/c if your busy... you will want to clear your schedule!" She asked "Why, what's going on?"  I told her well... "I got tickets to DWTS and your invited to come with us!" She said.."Wait, What? Really!!" and started crying and said, "I Can't believe it!"
My Daughter had a friend in mind who is in her dance class and invited her.  My Daughter is into dance.  She has been dancing for a really long time... and it's her dream to someday be one of the professional dancers at DWTS... I know she will be someday... I tell her to keep pushing for it and not to give up!! So to have this experience meant the world to us!!  It's cool that my Daughter followed in my footsteps with dance as I did dance when I was her age, she is WAY better than I ever was though!!

Fast Forward to Sunday March 20th. I ended up getting and email saying the first 35 people in line by 12:45 pm on Monday would be allowed in to their intimate dress rehearsal before the live show!!  When I got that.. I started to worry about my original scheduled time of leaving in order to make it to call time at 3PM.  With this new information I decided to change my time of leaving to much earlier b/c I figured a lot more people would be trying to make it there for this dress rehearsal opportunity! My original plan was to make it there by 1PM a few hours before our call time of 3PM.  I ended up changing that and we made it there at 10:30AM instead!  When we got there... the line of course had already started!!  I wasn't sure how many people were actually in line... but I just honestly wanted to be insured we would make it in.  After my research the night before reading other people's blogs... DWTS sometimes over books the amount of tickets they really have and depending on what number you are in line... you could be turned away as the tickets are not 100% guaranteed.  So I went that early in hopes to make the cut off... but not betting my life or happiness on making it into the dress rehearsal....  at least we would be guaranteed a seat at the show if we were early in line.

Standing in line in outside the front of CBS Studios in Hollywood, CA 
March 21st, 2016

We waiting in line from 10:30AM till about 1PM. During that time we made some friends with the people around us.  Laughed our asses off at some of the security guards who were hot boxing in the car behind us... you know what I mean! ;) and just had a really good time hanging out.  
So... 1PM rolled around and they started taking people in for the dress rehearsal.  They would put a count at the top of your ticket so they knew how many people number wise they were letting in.  We got up to the lady collecting and numbering the tickets and by the way... at this time... the line was pretty darn long!!  I just about died b/c we were numbers 34, 35, 36, 37!!! No fucking way... WE MADE IT IN TO THE DRESS REHEARSAL!!!!  Really?!  Is this really happening??? WOW!!! BOUNUS!!!  We were shocked and very very happy... b/c we weren't counting on making it in for that!! So YIPPIE!!!!! 

Can you tell my Mom is soooooo super excited... Well I was too if you can't tell!!! :)  
We are inside the CBS compound! 

Inkerbella, Kelsey, Alyssa and My Mom 
FINALLY inside the CBS Compound getting ready to go thru security! 
Ticket #34,35,36 and 37 READY to see the Dress Rehearsal! 

Kelsey and Alyssa super duper excited to make it into the DWTS Dress Rehearsal!! 

Let me just tell you... I feel so super lucky to have had the opportunity to be at the dress rehearsal!! We got to sit in the VIP seating which is the seating you see the celebs family sitting in.  We were sitting in Doug Flutie's family row for the rehearsal. It was so cool to see Tom Bergeron live and in front of us. He was dressed all casually... and was busting jokes left and right while running his lines like you won't believe!! He was so funny and kind, came over and said Hi to us!  During the rehearsal we got to see the stars and their professional dance partners run their dances as if it was the real thing.  We got to see about 1/2 of them perform for us.  Now, my favorite celeb on the show right now is Jodie Sweetin!!  I have been watching her since the late 80's in Full House and LOVE that show.  I shared my love of the show with My Daughter of course, and she fell in love as well!!  So... we are HUGE fans of hers!  We recently watched the whole season of Fuller House and just enjoyed it so very much!  Well... SHE was one of the dances we got to see in rehearsal! So.... right before she went to do her dance, she was standing right across from us on the dance floor.... I got the chills and just couldn't contain myself any longer and yelled out " GO JODIE!! " and then Kelsey went "Wahooo!"  and guess what?... Jodie smiled super BIG at us and waved, and we returned the wave and smiles too! BEST MOMENT of the experience hands down!! I wished so very badly we could have kept our phones.. oh yea.. they make you turn in your phones before going into the studio.  So.. sadly I only have pictures from before we got into the studio and after... nothing while we were inside!! But hey... I have memories in planted in my mind that will last, hopefully a life time!  

Jodie Sweetin performing on DWTS Premier 

Jodie and Keo 

Other highlights from the dress rehearsal... Erin Andrews came out and offered us goldfish crackers as she was getting ready to run up to the stairs to the sky box interview area.  They had us learn a dance or sway our arms anyways for Doug Flutie's dance to the song "Sweet Caroline".  They filmed us doing it.. I wish I could find the rehearsal of it somehow.  They had us sway our arms and then do an air punch while singing along!  

We were in the top balcony the camera zooms past us really fast! 
It was fun being apart of it! 

They had Whitney and Von Miller practice their dance.. it was a crack up to the 37 of us at the rehearsal.  Let me explain why...  So the crew came over and was setting up CO2 canisters and said... everyone Watch your ears, this is going to be loud!  So they tested it and it was a bit on the loud side, but not that bad.  So then the crew told us.. it's going to make our hairs stand up and I was like, What?   Whatever.. I thought honestly he was telling a joke or something.  Nope!! Turns out the CO2 cans put off a lot of electricity... which in turn really does make your hairs stand up!! So sure enough.. as they were practicing... Whitney's hair started to stand up.... which made us all laugh.. then we started to notice ALL of us had our hair standing up!! So the whole time they practiced their dance we were all busting up !!  During the rehearsal, they have stand-in judges who actually critique the dances and give them a score... Erin kept saying these are your FAKE scores! Which indeed they were.. and luckily so, the stand-in judges gave only 4's and 5's. 

Whitney and Von 
Can you see her hair... Well now you know why it looks like that!! :) 

During our time at the rehearsal.... they had all 37 of us get up and come out on the dance floor for Val and Ginger Zee's practice performance. Again... Wish I had my camera or a way to find the behind the scenes rehearsal videos for this... it was awesome!! We got to go up and we were on the actual dance floor and yelled and screamed for Val and Ginger!!  It was a blast to be there and get to see these things before everyone else!!  We def. felt special and very VIP!  In fact, we were 1st in line to get back in for the actual live show!!  We were in rehearsal from 1-3PM.  As soon as we were done we came out and they got us back in the front of the line with all the other people who had been waiting!!  

Val and Ginger 

The ballroom was so pretty... so many lights and sparkle and the biggest disco mirror ball I've ever seen!!!  So much glitter and sparkle.. I was in heaven!!  The ballroom floor is a lot smaller than I thought it would be... it's amazing how the angles they film at give it a much larger appearance... it was still a pretty good sized floor and set up!  When they loaded us in around 4PM we were sent up the the balcony. Our seats were great!! Right next to skybox and the all access spot... so... we could see when they did the interviews right after they performed (where they run up the stairs to)  and to the left of us we saw them doing the Live Chat interviews too (All Access) !  It was cool, action all around.  When you go to these things you see how many crew members it takes to run a show like this... It's was amazing.. honestly, they had big props they had to set up all during the commercial breaks!  This show runs like a well oiled machine and it's b/c they are all so good at their job. Not to mention the live band was on point too!  The whole time we were live.... you had to stand!  The only time we were allowed to sit was when it was commercial breaks which was anywhere from 2-4 mins.  I would have to guess about 150-200 (not counting the VIP floor seats)  of us actually made it in to the live performance.  The people that didn't make it were held outside for seat fillers! 

DWTS Season 22 
March 21st, 2016

All the Amazing Celebs and Dancers!! 
Best of luck this season!! 

This was an awesome experience we will NEVER forget!!! :) I had a blast and look forward to continuing to watch this season!! Best of luck to all the contestants!  We are rooting for Jodie to win!! 

Where we spent our day.. CBS Studios in Hollywood! 

The end of our day at CBS studios and the taping of DWTS Season 22 Premiere! 

Kelsey and I CBS Studios filming premier of DWTS Season 22
We had so much fun!! 

Pretty sunset over CBS studios to end our day!! 

I spy... Kelsey and Alyssa!!!  I was sitting to Kelsey's left.... 
can't see me, but I'm there!  We had great seats!! 

 If your ever lucky enough to get tickets... I'm going to break down my advice of a few things I wish I knew before going, or learned while I was there!! :) 


1. WEAR COMFY SHOES (No one will see your feet) You will be standing and walking A LOT! 

2. DRESS NICELY!! Everyone there is dressed to impress, it was the nicest dressed audience I've ever been apart of! 

3. BRING YOUR CREDIT CARD! Parking at the Grove is $24 for the day and they only take Credit Cards!! 

4. BRING WATER!  They sell water & soda when you wait in line, they do allow you to bring water into the studio.  I wish I would have known that! 

5. BRING SNACKS!  You won't have time to get food!  We were there from 10:30AM and didn't leave until 7:30PM, That's a long time to go with out any snacks!  They won't let you eat inside the studio, but you have time while you wait in line. 

6. LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONES IN THE CAR! They will make you turn in your cell phones if you bring them along.  We knew of this rule as I read all the fine print!  We only checked my phone in and left the others in the car.  Believe me, the line to get your cell phone at the end is longer than the restroom line.... however, they did get it back to you pretty quickly I'd say at least a 10 min wait in line. 

7. BE READY TO SMILE, CLAP AND STAND!  Yep.. you do a ton of standing (you only sit during the commercial breaks) See the comfy shoes thing comes in handy here too!  You will be clapping a lot and usually to the beat of the music.... and smiling a ton!! You never know when the camera will catch you! 

8. GET THERE EARLY!  If you want to be guaranteed entrance into the show... the earlier you get there the better! 

9. AGES 14+ONLY!  If your under 14. or look under 14 don't bother coming!  

10. BRING YOUR ID!  CBS security will NOT let you in unless you show your ID!

Hope these tips help!! Have fun!! :) 


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"All I Want Is You" U2 Ukulele Cover

It's #TunesTuesday... and I have another rockin' song for you guys!! Hope you enjoy this U2 Song!! :)



Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Time After Time" Cyndi Lauper Ukulele Cover

Guess what today is??? Yep Yep... it's another #TunesTuesday !!! This one was a special requested song by Laura Lee :) Hope you enjoy it girl!!  I had fun covering "Time After Time" by: Cyndi Lauper​ !! She is fucking awesome!!! I'll have to cover more of her songs in the future!!

Have a spooktacular day everyone!!



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AGT Season 11 Filming in Pasadena, CA

March 6th, 2016

So... Sunday Funday it really was...

As soon as it was announced last year that Simon Cowell was joining the cast of AGT's amazing judges... I knew right then and there I HAD to go to a taping of Season 11 !! :)

I have been a fan of Simon's like.. for as long as I have known of him.  As sometimes he gets a bad wrap for maybe being a little too honest and blunt... he's ALWAYS RIGHT! Honestly!! Going to the taping proved my point time and time again yesterday!!  You will have to tune in when it airs to see what I mean!

My Sidekick and I  gathered up some of our favorite gal pals.... and off we went for our Sunday Funday Adventure to the taping of America's Got Talent, Season 11 !!  It's crazy that I was lucky enough to have gone twice last year to AGT tapings.. and it's hard to believe a whole year has gone by already!

The new season will air on NBC on May 31st, 2016.... make sure you keep an eye out for us! ;)

So... Off to sharing some of our adventure...

We have tickets in hand.. and we are ready to start our day!! 

My Friend Alexis and I arrived at the Pasadena Civic Center 
Mar. 6th, 2016 

Here we all are.. ready to get this show on the road!! 
Inkerbella, Alexis, Katelyn and Kelsey 
AGT Season 11 

Inside the Pasadena Civic Center Filming AGT Season 11 

At the Taping of AGT Season 11.. 
I finally got to see Simon Cowell!!! Yippie!! 

 We are all a wrap... here you will see the Judges exiting !! 
I did the best I could.. it was crazy and it all happens so fast!! 

Filming AGT Season 11. 

What a fabulous day filming at AGT Season 11 !! 
Got to see some awesome talent!! 
We Laughed, We Clapped and We JUMPED everytime Simon hit his X !!! 
Let me just tell you.. .The buzzers are WAYYYY.. louder this year than last, that's for sure! 
They say, Simon wanted it that way! lol 

Thanks to all the hard working Crew and Cast and Judges of AGT for another amazing filming experience !! When you got to these things you are reminded how many people it takes to make a TV  show come to life!! Keep up the good work!! 
AGT is def. my favorite competition show out there!