Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Offical....I have landed myself an Agent/Manager!!!

Hey Guys,
Yep it's totally official!! As of July 1st, 2011 I have an Agent/Manager!!!
I'm super duper happy  and  so very excited about this!!!

Here is a little bit of info.

Agent: Robert Tranchina
Talented Actors in America, Inc.
Phone: (845) 234-7898

If your interested in working with can either contact Robert....or myself...


Thanks for keeping up to date on all my things I have going on! I know we are going to make a fantastic team!
I'm excited to see where I go next!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Alien Armageddon" Film Premiere

I was lucky enough to get invited to my friend DeeDee Bigelow's film premiere called "Alien Armageddon".
The premiere was in Westwood, CA.... at the Crest Theater on July 6th, 2011.

The film was great! It's a Sci-fi film basically about Alien's attacking Los Angeles, gotta love that!  I really enjoyed the film. It has some amazingly talented actors in it! Directed by Neil Johnson.  It's planned to go on DVD later this year.

Here is a link to more info. and pictures from the film..

Inkerbella and Tattoo Jared arrive at the premiere of "Alien Armageddon"
July 2011

At the Premiere of "Alien Armageddon"
Actress-Inkerbella, Actor-Craig Zucchero, Actress-DeeDee Bigelow
July 2011

"Thor-The Rock Opera" DVD is FOR SALE!!!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" DVD

Yep the wait is now OVER!!!
The film that I'm in "Thor-The Rock Opera" DVD is now for sale!!

You can order your copy on Only $14.99 Each
Click to link to buy now!!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" is a Sci-fi, Action, Comedy....ok for all ages to view!
Not only does the DVD have the regular full length feature film, but also the Director's cut (best one to watch if your short on time) and a  Bloopers reel.

This film is very silly makes me laugh ;) combines older footage from the orginal Thor films (Rock N Roll Nightmare from the 80's) with the current footage in which I'm in. Also mixed in there are some concert/music video's of Thor from the past and present. I warned you, it's silly!  lol ;)

Thanks again for all your support on my projects!
I have so many more to come!!
Stay Tuned!!!


Feb. 1, 2012

"Thor the Rock Opera"  is now on instant video on  BUY TODAY....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Innocent Blood" Film

Film Poster for "Innocence Blood"

I got lucky enough to get casted in another amazing film, "Innocence Blood".  I was on set shooting Monday, June 20th in La Mirada .  I was casted as a University Student and had a great day! I got to meet some amazing talent once again! I really appreciate all the people I have met in each project because I learn from each of them and love making a new friendships.  I love adding to my film family!  I had a terrific time talking with some fellow actor/actress's...Calli, Linda, Susan, Josh, Andre... just to name a few. Calli and I spent pretty much the whole day together...I just love that girl!! She's so sweet!  I wish her all the luck in the world on her projects to come as I do all of them!

Inkerbella plays a University Student for film "Innocence Blood"

So my day started pretty early in the morning!! 5 Am to be exact!  I was on set for 11 hours and loved each second of it!  It really is so neat to see the crew do their magic! With out them, I don't know how things would work! lol. 

Yep, these were EVERYWHERE!!  ;) Love it!

I got to be in a few different scenes all over the campus of  Biola University!!  I also was in the classroom scene!! 

Film Crew Pass

A few memories I have are when I met one of the main stars Actor Jun  Kim, who plays the professor.  I was in the scene where he was leaving one of the buildings and I was right behind him.  Anyways, he was commenting on my eyeshadow...said..what is that stuff called? I've never seen it that pink color before?  Oh my eye Shadow, I's like a burgundy color.  He said, oh it looks pink.  I said you mean you can see my hair ??....and I point to the side of my head (I was wearing a wig).  He said ....what?  I said oh, I thought you could see my hair peeking out. He said No? Oh because my normal hair is pink and purple and black.  He said Normal???  Pink hair is not normal...?? I said...ummm in my house it is... lol. Later on the other actors said man that was funny and pretty awesome!  Too funny!! Great times.  It was funny b/c all of the other actors had NO IDEA I had a wig on. They all thought for sure that was me. I told them, nope...and showed them pictures so they would believe me. I guess that is a good thing though, that I fooled them!!! Not only is that a good wig, but hey....good acting too! lol

Inkerbella (University Student) with Jun  Kim (Professor)
and Josh (another fellow University Student)
On set of "Innocence Blood"

The other memory I have is when we were on set in a different location on campus and Doug Jones, who plays a detective was standing in front of me....funny that was the trendy of the day! ;) Well Doug bent over and was wiggling his butt and I couldn't help myself and said...oh wow.NICE! He turned around and smiled real big. 
Later on we were all on lunch break.  Doug was sitting in front of me and he turned around to say Hi. I said oh well I get to see the front of you now, since I already saw your back side! lol. He said oh yea, we did share a moment already didn't we. We got to chat for a while, he was so super! He has a great personality and just is the sweetest!  He was even impressed with my wig. I gave him my business card (which has my head shot on it) and he said, well you had that wig before right?  I said Nope, got it just for this role! He!! Thank you so much, I appreciate it...then he grabbed my hand and said...your such a princess...and acted like he was going to kiss my hand, and instead kissed his own!! CRACK UP!! I will never forget his happy warm company!

Doug Jones (Detective) as seen on Hell Boy,
and Inkerbella (University Student)

The classroom set was amazing!!! Jun delivered his lines beautifully!  It really gave me the chills each time he said his lines!! He is a wonderful talent and I'm glad to have met him!

Classroom scene with Jun Kim at the front
Getting the set ready!

Sun W. Kim, Director said we should have the film premiere in November 2011, but the film should be out sometimes in 2012!

I can't WAIT to see how the film comes together! It's a a thriller/drama type movie that will keep ya wondering what is going to happen next! I will keep everyone updated on when it's out and how to get it on DVD!
The best part is that 10% of all the proceeds from the sale of this film are dedicated to a women's charity shelter operating in Cambodia and the Philippines, built to save young girls from the world of humna trafficking!
More on when the DVD is out soon!

On the set of "Innocence Blood"
Jun Kim going to his car....humm, what's that on the window?

Until then, enjoy some of the images from my day of shooting!

On the set of "Innocence Blood"
Doug Jones on the right as the detective
Back to 1.

Calli and Inkerbella as University Students
on the set of "Innocence Blood"

On set in the classroom
Wish this pic was a bit clearer but on the monitor you can see me on the far top left.
They were setting up the scene and shot.
Guess you will have to wait to see the movie to really see me in ;)

Inkerbella as the University Student
for the film "Innocence Blood"

Jun-seong Kim~Star in the film Innocence Blood had an interview where he talks a bit about the film it is...