Sunday, July 24, 2016


Charlie Hunnam and Inkerbella 
July 17, 2016

So it was a warm sunny California day in Los Angeles, July 17th, 2016... I was on my way with my side-kick Kelsey to goto the filming of seasons 13 "So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation" and we happened to stop into Erewhon which happens to be on the corner before getting to the CBS studios lot. All of a sudden I spot CHARLIE HUNNAM!! I was like, wait a second... do my eyes deceive me?? Nope, it was really fucking HUNN-HIM!!! I couldn't believe it!  I told my Daughter, "look... that's Charlie Hunnam, remember... Jax from Sons of Anarchy?"  She said, "oh yea... wow, cool!!" I've been a fan for a LONG while and absolutely loved him in SOA!  

Well that wasn't good enough for me... next thing I knew, my feet were taking me right up to him.  My Daughter had kept walking and talking to me to realize... I didn't answer, she turned around and saw me already talking to him.  She quickly came back over!  I tried not to be too fan-girlish... 
I said, "Hi, how are you? Is there anyway I could get a picture with you?"  He smiled super BIG and said (in his cute British accent), "Of Course!" I handed my phone to Kelsey and while I waited for her to take the picture, stuff started coming out of my mouth.. things like.. "Oh your so tall, and look so nice!" He smiled, lightly laughed and said "Thank You." So we took the picture and then I started to shake his hand and said, "My name is Inkerbella, it's super nice to meet you!" He said, "Well Hi, I'm Charlie." (melting me again w/ that voice) I continued to tell him "I'm an Actress and it would be so super cool to work with you someday!" He said, "Ok Inkerbella, I'll keep an eye out for you!" I then said "Thank you, have a good day!" 

It would be amazing to work with him!! Back when SOA was filming, I really wanted to book on that show... but wasn't meant to be.  The future is always just around the bend, I always say.. never say never, b/c you never know!! He's def. one of those actors I'd love to work with someday!  Until then, I have this picture to look at.  As soon as we left him, we ran over to the restroom and I nearly melted!! I kept saying to Kelsey, "did that just happen?" lol. I was shaking and my legs felt like jello!! I told her... now I know how YOU felt last year when we got you the Meet and Greet tickets for her favorite band R5!  She said, "Yep!" 
I could have stayed and chatted with Charlie forever, I felt super lucky to have had these few minutes with him.  He is certainly the sweetest guy in show biz!! See you next time, and I for one am excited for his new movie "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword"   due out in 2017!! 

Thanks Charlie for taking a few minutes out of your day to chat with me!!

"So You Think You Can Dance" Season 13 Taping!!

So ... I was lucky yet again... I was able to snag up some "SYTYCD" tickets that are ever popular!  :)
Here is our little adventure!!

We got tickets for "So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation" Season 13!! Top Ten & The All Stars !!  We got our tickets for Sunday, July 17th, 2016.  The tickets said it was for the ensemble dance. No one really knows what that means...  below I will explain if you land these tickets!

Our check in time was 11am.  We of course got to CBS Studios about an hour before that time. It was nice to get to go back to the CBS lot, as we had been there in March 2016 for "Dancing With The Stars"!!   We stood in line, not for long at all!  They checked us in and then we entered the lot.  There was a bit more waiting as they have a tight security check... as they did w/ DWTS!  Once you get pass that hub-bub, you wait a bit longer under a covered area w/benches.  It all went super fast, the fastest filming experience for me thus far!  I believe we got into the set/stage area around 12 noon.

It was crazy how little this place really was!! They say TV adds pounds, but man they sure can fake how small or large a location/stage really is.  You don't realize this stuff till your there!  They told us that today, they booked 200 people for the ensemble dance. They said normally (during the live shows)  this stage houses 400 people.  Once we were all seated... they explained to us that since this is the next generation and they are kids....they are only allowed to work so many hours a day/week.  They said the number they would be performing for us (a Bollywood dance) was not only the 1st time they had ever done a dance of that style on SYTYCD, but that the kids only had 4 hours to learn it!!  They only practiced once before we got there!! They came out and introduced all the kids and their coaches (past winner of SYTYCD). Man the kids had a TON of energy!! Like for real!! After they all said their Hellos... it was time to get to business!!  They started filming the number and WOWZERS  they were good!! Especially knowing they only had 4 hours to learn it!!! I was super impressed!!  It was amazing when they lit up the stage and dimmed all the lights in the seating area... for a min. I felt like I was flying amongst the stars... so cool!!  They did it yet again for us b/c it was so cool the first time around!!  They killed it both times!! After they did that, they said Thanks for coming!!

So cool to know WE were a few of the screaming voices you'll hear!! :) 

I was so shocked that it was already over!!! I wanted to see more!!  Normally when you come to these things you have to devote your whole day to it!  It was really fun!! They ended up validating our tickets so we could come back the next day Monday July 18th, 2016 to be apart of the LIVE show filming.  Sadly, Kelsey and I couldn't make it back b/c we both had work that day.  We were happy to have gotten the experience to see these amazing performers!! We of course already have our favorites picked... so best wishes to everyone on this season!! You are all amazing dancers!!  After we got home, I posted the few pictures we had... and since Kelsey is a dancer.. people thought she was on the show this season! I said, nope... not this time.. but someday!


So.. to break it down if you ever get ensemble tickets for SYTYCD and you wonder that the heck that means....

1. Get there at least an hour before check in time (the earlier the closer to the stage you will sit)
2. Ensemble dance basically means the 1st dance of the live shows they perform (kids and coaches)  That's all you will see!
3. They DO NOT ALLOW CELL PHONES... if you bring them in, they will make you turn them off, and then check them in.  The line afterwards to pick them back up takes time.
4. They make you go through metal detectors and will check your bags/purses.
5. We were there for about an hour.  On the ticket it said it would be from 11:00-12:30 pm and they were on the money w/the time.  We were out of there by 12:30 PM.
6. Bring your clapping hands and smiling faces and have a blast!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Light My Fire" The Doors Ukulele Cover

Hope you enjoy this #TunesTuesday song by The Doors!! :)

I thought it would sound super cool with my Electric Ukulele BeetleJuice... Hope you enjoy it!!



Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Pearly Shells" Ukulele Cover

Happy Happy  #TunesTuesday  !!! Hope you enjoy this sweet little #song  that brought back so many memories for me  #PearlyShells  !! :) Thanks to my Cousin Kathy for requesting a  #Hawiian  #Song

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