Saturday, April 6, 2013

WonderCon Anaheim 2013

My Family and I had a BLAST going to WonderCon Anaheim for the 1st time this year! :) I was lucky enough to get my professional passes to do so!  It was a super great time, so many amazing cos-players and cool booths!  Here are a few pictures from our day! Enjoy!
WonderCon 2013

Inkerbella Attends WonderCon 2013

Kelsey Shoup attends WonderCon 2013

Kelsey and Inkerbella WonderCon 2013

Inkerbella and Jared WonderCon 2013

R2D2 at WonderCon 2013

Wall-E at WonderCon 2013

WonderCon 2013 Anaheim Convention Center, March 

Inkerbella surrounded by Ninja Turtle and Friends or are they??? 

Jared and Inkerbella with Baby Tattoo WonderCon 2013

8.13 Wins!! :)

So if you have kept up on your know that 8.13 went to the LA Web Festival!! Good news.... WE WON!! :)

~Best Creator/Producer
~Best Composer
~Best Ensemble Cast
~Best Visual FX

Congrats to all my Zom813 family!! I feel so lucky to be apart of this award winning TV Show!! :)
Super exciting !!!
Thanks again for your support!



8.13 Screening at LAweb Fest! 
Guess who joined the cast
Episode 10: "Home Sweet Home"
Episode 15: "One Little Two Little..."
Episode 19: "Sanitary"
Episode 20: "Lions Den"
8.13 Music Mash Up
Fix the Chapel