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Filming with 8.13, Episode 15 "One Little, Two Little...."

Jan. 18, 2013


Episode 15 "One Little, Two Little, 5 Little Indians" is OUT TODAY!!!
Take a peek!!

Check out some still shots from episode 15

Still Shot #1 
8.13 Episode 15
Aired Jan. 18, 2013

Still Shot #2
8.13 Episode 15
Aired Jan. 18, 2013

Still Shot of the credits 
8.13 Episode 15 


November 4, 2012

Oh my gosh...I can't believe it!! It's been exactly 1 day shy of filming 1 year ago with my Zom813 family .... the TV show 8.13 !!  I'm back on set again today to once again play a blooded up zombie!!! Errr....We are working on episode 15 titled "1 Little, 2 Little, 5 Little Indians" .  Today is extra special....why you might ask??? Because my little side kick and Daughter Kelsey Shoup got to film with us!! She is officially part of our Zom813 family!! Welcome to our Zombie Fold my love!! ;)

Kelsey Shoup Getting ready for Makeup!!

We had a blast as always!! She was excited she got to be apart of 8.13.  She has been on set with me before and got to watch me....and now she gets to partake in the bloodly fun!! hehe!  There was 3 talented Make Up artist on set today.  We both got our make up done.....and then went outside to get all bloody.  It was so funny, they gave us blood in a medicine cup....oh you know, the kind you used to take your liquid medicine in when you were a kid.  At the count of 3.....we all took a shot of our blood...of course, it's stage blood guys! ;)

And the transformation beings NOW! ;) 

I was also in the Make Up seat at the same time as Kelsey! ;)

We swish it around in our mouths to stain our teeth up a bit, and then let it run down our face.....ewww! lol
Kelsey wasn't so sure she wanted to do this part.....but she of course knew it was what us Zom813s do! haha.  It's always fun to peel your sticky bloody clothing from off your skin after is had rolled all the way from your mouth to your belly button... haha.. she couldn't resist missing out on that fun! ;)

Zom813s BEFORE Blood! ;) 

We filmed away....and had some on-lookers watching us all in acting.  There was quite a bit of us that night....not sure the exact count, but prob. at least 20 of us Zom813s and then there were other cast members as well. Lots of us filming on the streets of LA. ;)  We also had a interesting distraction, from one of our on-lookers.  Finally after our Producer Ernie came over and exchanged some kind words of....LEAVE or the cops will be called, our little "friend" was on his way! ;)

Zom813s AFTER Blood...just wrapped on set!! 

All in was a super duper fun night!!!  I was so happy my Daughter got to do this with me!! It's great to build memories with her and have her not only apart of my family at home, but my film family also!!



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On set of 8.13 Episode 15
WATCH OUT Sound Guy.....there is a Zom813 behind you!!
Thanks Chris Bang for the pic! ;)

Zom813s on their way home from a bloody fun night of shooting with 8.13

Zom813 Kelsey 

Zom813 Bella 

Guess who joined the Cast?
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