Saturday, December 15, 2012

NEW!! 8.13 Episode 10 "Home Sweet Home"

Super cool..a NEW 8.13 Episode aired December 14, 2012!! This is one of the episodes I'm in....
8.13 Episode 10 : "Home Sweet Home"

Take a peek at it....and remember, caring is feel free to post this link on your FaceBook pages, Twitter Etc. I sure appreciate all your love and support!!

We filmed episode 10 back in November 2011...we once again had a blast !!!  :)
I always enjoy being on set with my Zom813 family! ;)

Can you spot me???

Some Behind the Scenes Pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Getting my make up done
My 2nd time being a Zom813 for 8.13 ;)
 Filmed Nov. 4, 2011

Almost all Zom813-fied 
Filmed: Nov. 4, 2011

Watch out for Zom813s
getting ready to film Episode 10, Home Sweet Home
Filmed Nov 4, 2011

On set of 8.13 Episode 10: Home Sweet Home
Filmed Nov. 4, 2011
In the corner you can see director Mando Franco

Me with my fellow Zom813 family
Quincy and Maier
Filmed Nov. 4, 2011

Still Shot of 8.13 Episode 10:"Home Sweet Home" 
Aired Dec. 14, 2012

Credits from 8.13 Episode 10 "Home Sweet Home"


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