Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hollywood Premiere of "Odd Brodsky"

June 7, 2014

Last night was a complete BLAST!!!
"Odd Brodsky" a film that I was apart of was finally premiering in Hollywood last night!! :)
It was playing at the Chinese Theatre!! It just so happens that is the 2nd one of my films that has been shown that was pretty exciting!! :)

Inkerbella on the Green Carpet "Odd Brodsky" film at the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood 

We got our Tickets we are ready to see "Odd Brodsky" 

I was also excited to be able to share the night with my two loves my Hubby Jared and Daughter Kelsey.  I appreciate their support with all of my adventures thus far!! The  cool part was that in the film there is a part where their is a collage of pictures....and well Jared and Kelsey are in it!! We totally saw them on the big screen too!! So cool!

Inkerbella, Kelsey and Jared in the theatre ready to watch the film I'm in "Odd Brodsky" 

The film was awesome!! If you ever have a chance to check it's a must see!!  Odd Brodsky is a comedy type film about following your dreams!! Congrats to everyone who was apart of this project, It was very well done!!   I feel very lucky to have been apart of it!!  Thank you Cindy Baer for allowing me to be apart of this project!! It was a super great time!!
Cindy Baer (Director) and Matthew Iring (Cinematography) of  "Odd Brodsky" 

"Odd Brodsky" VIP Passes, Tickets and Program

Credits on the big screen from "Odd Brodsky"  It's always exciting to see your name!! 

Enjoy the rest of our pictures from our night!!
Thanks again for your support!!

Inside the Chinese Theatre this lovely painting
Jared and I ready to watch my film "Odd Brodsky"

With my loves inside the Chinese Theatre

Kelsey and I at the Chinese Theatre!!
Stealing a sip of Jared's Drink!! 

Jared and Kelsey 
Outside the Chinese Theatre with my loves 
Chinese Theatre with my Jared 

Kelsey and I with Marilyn & Jane

Found one of my inspirations Marilyn Monroe  

Jared and I at the Chinese Theatre
Outside after the movie


I shout out and thank you to Jettleson Photography for capturing these moments....
I found these pictures on the Odd Brodsky Facebook Page taken by one of the photographers at the event:

Jettleson Photography
June 2014

Jettleson Photography
We are in that audience if you look close!! :) 

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