Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Odd Brodsky" Film

Working Matthew Irving and Cindy Baer
Odd Brodsky set 

On September 21, 2011 I had the opportunity to work on set of "Odd Brodsky". The Director of this film is Cindy Baer. A very hard working lady in the film industry.  She had an amazing crew helping her out too!! ;) The super nice and talented Jim Hanks was also a part of this film. You might have also seen him in such films as Purgatory House and many many more!  Very cool! ;) There are tons of talent in this film with him!! Just wait till you see!

 Jim Hanks


Teagan Ashton Cohan and Kevin Anderson
on set of Odd Brodsky 

 Let the Fun Being.....

Here is a little bit about the story:

Audrey Brodsky (aka “Odd” Brodsky) is a lovable loser who quits the security of her job to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a famous actress!
There's just one problem...
She's not very good.
But what she lacks in talent,
she makes up for in heart.
It’s a wacky, little adventure about following your dreams, learning to accept yourself, and finding the magic in life.

Director: Cindy Baer not only did she direct, but was also acting! Multi-talented and super sweet! 

 It was great fun. We were at the La Emmie's Music Hall in Beverly Hills, CA.  I got to work with some more amazingly talented people!!  Thanks to everyone for making the night super fun!

Can you find me in the crowd???  So much fun!! ;)

This film is due out in the Summer of 2013 .  I will keep you all updated...until then...check out a few links......

More to follow soon!!! ;)

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