Sunday, January 5, 2014

Acting/Modeling Resume

So, the other day I was going through old pictures of things that I have done up to this date.  I feel pretty darn lucky for all the things I have accomplished thus far.  All the amazing people I have worked with, companies, artist etc.  I thought to myself...I really don't have this compiled in one why not do it now!! :)
Here is my full resume, enjoy and remember....if you'd like me to model for your company or work with you on a film project or make an appearance....please feel free to contact me b/c I'd love to continue to do more projects!!
Thanks for your time!



Southern California, USA

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~Black Corset Candles
~Coffin Color Makeup
~Domination Clothing
~Dying Breed Designs
~Dirty Deeds
~Dulce Marina
~Evelyn's Purses
~Karina Dale
~Inkerbella Signature Line
~Say it Phree Tees, Canada
~Medusa's House of Dreads
~MooMooch Clothing
~Gothfox Designs
~Torture Couture
~Tattoo Voo Doo Kitten
~Sassy Katz
~Silly Little Charms
~Snitches get Stitches
~Steamwolf Symphony
~Petal Heads
~Pinup America Magazine
~Iron Dead Studios 


~A Moment in Time
~AG Photography
~Bill Thompson
~Bravo Photography
~Candace Miller
~Chrissy Carr
~Captured Beauty
~DonSir Photography
~Jeff Davidson
~Kiguelman Photography
~Kitty Gallanias
~Luigi Ciorra
~Padllian Van Buren
~Painted PinUps
~Photo-Grafitti Photography
~Rick Garcia
~Shannan Tomaino
~Sandy Sardo
~Saryn Christine
~Tim Hunter
~Wonderboy Photography


~AnnaCas, Brazil
~Brian Gibbs, New Zealand
~Dennis Willman
~Dwayne Lukasik
~Gene Leung
~Julien Lecoine, France
~Karina Dale
~Luc Outin, France
~Micah Carmichael
~Mark Gerardi
~Marcus Heywood, UK
~Mario Chavez
~Richard Fuggetta
~Steffen Richter, Germany
~Tim Goodfellow, UK


~Bride of Creepy 2011-2012
~Alternative PinUp Model of the year 2010
~Gerardi Gil PinUp Model Winner 2009
~Bettie Page's Halloween Contest Winner 2008
~Kitten Koffin Zombies PinUp Model Winner 2007

Features 2010 & 2011

Print Work

~PinUps for Felines 2014 Calendar-Miss. April
~Xalt Tattoo Magazine, Canada-Nov. 2013
~Rebel Ink Tattoo Magazine-Nov. 2013
~Cambalacho News Magazine, Brazil-Aug. 2013
~BloodDrive Book, Nurse Shannon-Aug. 2012
~Car, Planes & Motorcycles Book-July 2012
~Have a Heart for Horror Cook Book-Feb. 2012
~Where Beauty & Ink Collide Book-2012
~PinUp America Magazine, Issue #1-2011
~Alternative Ink Magazine, Cover Model-2011
~Burlesque Volume 1 Book, 2011
~Ghoul Girls 2011 Calendar-Miss. July
~Culture Asylum Magazine, Cover Model/Feature-Nov. 2011
~Gothic Beauty Magazine, Isssue #31, 2010
~FixE Magazine, 2010
~PinUps Hotrods 2010 Calendar-Miss. June
~Dynamite! Magazine, Germany-Issue #66, 2010
~Alt Noir Magazine, Issue #8-Nov. 2010
~Bachelor Pad Magazine, Issue #13, Sept. 2010
~Broadsword Comics Tarot #64-Sept. 2010
~Bettie Page A Tribute Book-2010
~Culture Asylum Magazine, Cover Model/Feature-July 2010
~PinUp Perfection Magazine, "Millitary Issue"-June 2010
~PinUp Perfection Magazine, "In the Kitchen"-Mar. 2010
~Ghoul Girls 2009 Calendar-Miss. Februray
~FixE Magazine, 2009
~Voltcase Magazine, UK-2008
~Tattoo Savage Magazine, Issue #93-2008
~Revolution Art Magazine, Scotland-Issue #13, July 2008
~BANG Magazine, 2007


~1000 Ways to Die "Enter the Ferret"
~CSI "Freaks & Geeks"
~Enlightened "The Key" 
~Get a Job
~Innocent Blood
~Odd Brodsky
~Better than Bullies
~8.13 Episodes: 10,15,19,20
~Thor-The Rock Opera
~One Car Funeral
~Time Out 4billy
~Maroon 5 "One More Night"
~Neon Trees "Everybody Talks"
~Transers "Barely Human"
~Doritos Commercial
~8.13 Teaser/Trailer #3
~Atomic Radio Perfume Commerical Ad, 2010
~R & B Auto Center Commercial Ad, 1998


~Hollyshorts Film Festival-Aug. 2013
~Charred Remains Podcast-Feb. 2013
~Comikaze-Ghoul Girls Booth-Sept. 2012
~Innocent Blood Premiere-May 2012
~Inkerbella's Meet & Greet Bootique @ Viva Dulce Marina Store-Nov. 2011
~Better than Bullies Premiere-Nov. 2011
~Ghouls Night Out Podcast w/Char Hardin-Oct. 2011
~Bleedfest Film Festival-Sept. 2011
~Alien Armegddon Premiere-July 2011
~Silent Crossroads Premiere-July 2011
~Bleedfest Film Festival-June 2011
~Japan Relief Benefit Fundraiser-Apr. 2011
~Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Benefit-Apr. 2011
~Santa Ana Art Gallery-Featured Print, Apr. 2007

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