Tuesday, September 18, 2012

VoltCase Magazine~UK Interview 2008/Alternative Model of the Year

Another oldie interview!!
This one was from way way back in 2008!! Back when I was a blonde!! Crazy, I know!! Time if flyin'!

The interview was with VoltCase Magazine in the UK!


What better way to kick off 2008 than with the rockabilly femme fatale Inkerbella, our first Voltgirl feature of the New Year!

Also, I was super surprised and honored that I was selected to be in the the running for one of the titles for the annual Voltcase Awards 2009!

To my surprise, I was voted by the people in the USA, the UK and all around the world, and won the title of "Alternative Model of the Year 2009"  WOWZER!!

Once again, even though it was long ago now...I'd like to thank my supporters!! You guys amaze me!! I appreciate everyone who has followed me for so many years on my adventures!!! 



From the punkiest of the punk bands to the sexiest of the Voltgirl's, from the greatest person on the planet to the lowliest of the low, Voltcase proudly presents the winners of the 2009 Voltcase Awards!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted - the 2009 awards continued our trend of having more and more votes year on year, and this year really was a bumper year, so once again these winners really have been chosen by YOU - in your thousands!

Voltgirl Awards:
Alternative Model of the Year
1st Place: Inkerbella

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