Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Thor-The Rock Opera" Feature Film

How exciting!! I was casted in my 1st Feature Film!!  "Thor-The Rock Opera"
The film is just about complete and will be out on DVD and Bluray SOON!!! ;)

I play a Babe-Barian called what else but "Bella Barian"
It was a ton of fun. I met the best people who are now great friends!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" is a spoof type film that shows clips from the orginal feature film "Thor-The Rock N Roll Nightmare" that was shot back in the 80's. The Film shows clips from the 80's feature as well as some concert footage of Thor rockin' out. Then of course, there is the new addition...that's where I come in. The story line is quite entertaining and can be seen by all audiences!  I would consider this film to be a mix of SciFi/Action/Comedy.

I will post more info. soon as to when the film is out for purchase!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" was recently seen at the Shock Stock Film Festival in London-Ontario, Canada a few weeks ago on April 29th-May 1st, 2011 and got great reviews!

Next "Thor-The Rock Opera" is scheduled to be seen at DOM in Helsinki, Finland on June 1, 2011
and will also make an appearance at the Muskelrock Festival in Tyrolen, Sweden on June 2-4, 2011.

For more info on Thor...

Here are some behind the scenes images on set of "Thor-The Rock Opera"
More info. to follow soon!! ;)
Thanks so much for your support!


On set: Isabella, Matt, Inkerbella
"Thor-The Rock Opera"

Ron Whitaker, Inkerbella, Jim C. (The Orginal Stig from Rock N Roll Nightmare)
On the Set of : "Thor-The Rock Opera"

Inkerbella, JC Fasano (Director), Isabella
On the Set of:"Thor-The Rock Opera"

Isabella, Matt, Inkerbella, Gene (Camera Man)
On the Set of: "Thor-The Rock Opera"

Gene, Kasia, Matt, Daavid, JC, Isabella, Ron, Inkerbella, Jim
On the Set of:"Thor-The Rock Opera"

"Thor-The Rock Opera"
is going to be on the Big Screen on Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Playing at New City in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Check it out!!

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