Sunday, May 15, 2011

Japan Relief Benefit Red Carpet Event

I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend a super benefit on April 7th, 2011!
 Back a few months you all know, Japan was struck with many earthquakes which tore up their communities!  It's so sad to see the damage that was cause by these natural  forces of nature. Tara Cardinal was the Host of the event and what a super sweet lady to take the time to put on this Charity Event.  The Event was sponcered by:  Dark Delicacies, BleedFest Film Festival, and There were so many people there to support a good cause and to help others in need! I was so happy to be able to donate to this cause and help better our friends in Japan.

Here are a few images from the event!

Tattoo Jared, Inkerbella and Leslie Easterbrook
(Was great to see Leslie Again, we got to work together on the "Thor-The Rock Opera" Film)
"Japan Relief Benefit"

Del Howison, Tara Cardinal, Lance Hendriksen, Inkerbella
Found on

Inkerbella and DeeDee Bigelow
Pic by Celeb. Photographer: Kevin Hahn

Inkerbella and Ron Whitaker

Inkerbell and Isabella

Mo Whelan and Inkerbella

Check Out This Link about the event:

Take a peek at this video:

We have to always be grateful for what we have, and if we can help others weather it be with money, donating items or even a smile and a hug to someone in never know how it will change their world!


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