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"Get A Job" Film...I'm in it.. here is my story ((Flash Back to 2012))

"Get A Job" Finally Hit the Theatre's and On Demand March 25th, 2016 !!!
I was able to On Demand it so I'm going to share a little bit about my experience working on this film!   "Get A Job" Is a CBS Film about life after college and the struggles on finding a job!

Let me take you BACK... All the Way BACK........ to 2012

March 13th, 2012!!

Yep... that was the day I was hired to film some back ground work on the film "Get A Job"!!
I was so super thrilled when I found out the cast who were involved!!  I especially looked forward to working with Bryan Cranston as I have been a fan of his work back in the day "Malcolm in the Middle" and current for that time "Breaking Bad."    I arrived to set bright and early 5 AM in Pasadena, CA. I was so excited and when I arrived... I immediately made a new friend, Matt.  It's always nice to meet new people on set and see old "film family" members, as I like to call the people I have worked with many times.

Inkerbella and Matt Smith 
On Set of "Get A Job" 
March 2012 

So when you go on set to these things.... the hair and makeup people and wardrobe stylist meet up with you and go over what they want you to wear!  After that, it's a lot of sitting and waiting till they call for you.  In that time, you really get to know people and build friendships and I always enjoy that time. I look forward to actually working on set and having the excitement of the hustle and bustle  surrounding me!  

This was my view of the day
On Set of "Get A Job"
March 13th, 2012 

Robert Tarpinian and Inkerbella 
On Set of "Get A Job"
March 13, 2012
Robert is apart of my film family, we have worked together a lot! 

I got called in quite a bit to be used on set!! I'm always so happy when that happens!! My role is a coffee shop patron.  We went into this old building that was, I believe normally a bar.   I wish I would have written this sooner b/c now I don't remember the name of the actual location we were filming at exactly.  It was really cool inside and for the film, they made it look  more of a hip coffee shop.  There were cool pictures hanging on the wall.... the bar or counter area was so pretty with blueish green stones all over it, lovely!   They had me all over that coffee shop!!  At first, they had me along the bar area... they gave me an Apple MacBook (they were sponsored by Apple)  to "play"on to look like I was busy working on something.... and gave me some bright pink head phones to match my hair... you know the ones that have the puffy ear coverings.  Of course, I had some coffee (empty coffee mug)  and bread too that I needed to use during tapings, gotta keep things looking legit.  I then was moved over to a table in the middle of the coffee shop where 2 guys were sitting.  During our cuts, I would chat with them.... turned out, I was sitting with the films' writers Kyle Pennekamp and Scott Turpel!! They thought it was be fun to make a cameo appearance in their own film, which heck... why the fuck not!! :)  It was cool to talk to them and find out their process.  The AD moved me yet again... this time to the 1st table next to the door.  Turns out... that is the scene they ended up using! I was happy to see you can actually see me, I feel so lucky!! When you work BG,  sometimes your scenes get left on the cutting room floor... but as it turns out, mine was kept!!! Yippie!!  

Still Shot of the film "Get A Job" 
I spy someone with Pink & Black Hair... Yep... That's ME! :) 
 Premiered March 25th, 2016 

One of the highlights of the day.... was working with Bryan Cranston!!  He is a crack up in person!!! Oh my goodness, I remember filming this scene and he would say something super funny.... we were all supposed to be serious, and here he is they yell, "Action" and Bryan is making some type of funny joke... which of course makes the whole room bust up!!  Then we had to collect ourselves again... and  do another take.  It was awesome!! He's great and lights up a room!! I feel so lucky to have worked with him!! There is one part in the movie where he yells kind of loudly.... they had asked me to give him a dirty look... sadly, that didn't make the final movie... But, at least I have the memory of it! 

Another cool thing, was we took a break for lunch!  When you work on set they really do take good care of you.  The craft services were awesome and for lunch we had the option of either Fish or Chicken that they would cook on the BBQ right as you ordered it.  They also had many many sides and of course desserts as well.  Now, normally... well... a lot of the time. Big named actors don't hang around with all of us BG actors.  Bryan was the exception though!  He totally hung out... was talking to us, was totally down to earth! I like that... makes me like him even that much more!  He was even so kind as to let us snap a snap shot of him!  Thanks Bryan for being so super amazing!! I really hope to work with you again sometime! 

Bryan Cranston 
on set of "Get A Job" 
March 13, 2012

So... that brings us up to speed... to March 25th, 2016.  So a little over 4 years since the filming of "Get A Job" it FINALLY has been released!!! We all started to wonder if this day was ever going to come!?  Luckily, it did!  I was able to On Demand it and watched the whole film. I thought it was a great film with some witty humor in it!   I went ahead and took a clip of the movie so you will see the scene I'm in!   


As I enjoyed this film... I must give a WARNING .... This Film is NOT for my Little Bella Bears!! 

This film is rated R 
The following will be seen in this film: 

~Sexual Content 

WATCH "Get A Job" !!! 

Hope you enjoyed my little story and clip!! Even though I did BG work on this film.... it means the world to me!  Little parts, BG parts, Big parts with speaking parts... are all the same to me!! I enjoy each time I'm on set and get to participate in my life long dream of entertaining people. I'm looking forward to doing more soon!!  

Thanks for your support!! 

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