Sunday, August 30, 2015

R5 Meet & Greet @ The Greek 8.23.15

So for my Daughter's 16th Bday.... we surprised her with Meet & Greet Concert Tickets to her FAVORITE band of all times R5 !!

She has had an amazing year this year... as earlier in the year she won tickets from 102.7 KISS FM to go to R5's album release party at the Roxy in Hollywood!!!

Kelsey at the Roxy for the 1st time for the R5 Album (Sometime Last Night) 
March 4, 2015 

Inside the Roxy with my WINNER!!! 

It was so so much fun!!! R5 came out in the audience while other bands where playing and actually like hung out with us!! It was so cool!! They were filming for their Documentary that night also. It was pretty magical for sure.  Kelsey and I both high-fived the drummer Ellington too!! hehe!! She was so excited to be there, as was I!  I honestly didn't think it was real until we were standing inside the Roxy!! 

So... what could TOP this???

So Happy Early Bday Kelso!!! We love you!!! 

R5 Meet & Greet at the Greek 8.23.15

Kelsey is so excited to be at the Greek to Meet R5 

She has her VIP wrist band on and she's soo... ready!!! 

Guess who's getting really CLOSE ....she's NEXT in line to meet R5 

Best SUNDAY Ever ... her words!! :) 
With R5 
Ellington, Rydel, Ross, Kelsey, Riker, Rocky 

Kelsey at the R5 Sound Check at the Greek 

We are ready for Sound Check 

Kelsey met Cheryl (Ellington's Mom) 

Kelsey was in the VIP Pit ALL night long rocking out!! 
I had pretty good seats myself! ;) 

Rocky from R5 (Kelsey's Favorite) 
This was NOT zoomed in... this is how close Kelsey was ....she said she could see the sweat 
and she enjoyed each second of!! 
Great Pictures Kelsey!! 

And this SMILE sums up the day!!! :) 
She said "BEST SUNDAY EVER" She didn't want it to end!!

I'm so glad she had so much fun, I did too!! 

BlackLung Radio Show 8.16.15 --Playing LIVE

Man oh man.... August has been a busy month for me in regards to music!!! I was contacted by ANOTHER radio show!!! I was so super excited about that!!!  I did the interview with the BlackLung Show  on August 16th, 2015 at the Kaotic Radio Station headquarters!!  Make sure you scroll down to my BEHIND THE SCENES Video!!! 
Thank you to EVERYONE who tuned in....or watched the behind the scenes video!! 
I appreciate all your support!! 

Here is my little story !!! 

Promo Video 

I'm at the Kaotic Radio Station Headquarters 8.16.15

Inside Kaotic Radio Station waiting for our mic check!! 

At Kaotic Radio With my side-kick.....she is here to support me !! :) 

Here at Kaotic Radio... getting ready to be on the BlackLung Show!!! 

All Mic-ed up and ready to roll on the BlackLung Show!! 

At Kaotic Radio Station Headquater on the BlackLung show 
with Host Ryan Pena  8.16.15

BlackLung Show on Kaotic Radio 8.16.15

Playing LIVE on the BlackLung Show 8.16.15

Had a super great time on the BlackLung show w/these 2 guys
Donald Nunez and Ryan Pena 
Thanks guys!!! 

My super sweet side-kick supporting me at Kaotic Radio Station 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ukulele Tutorial: "Close to You" The Carpenters

Happy Special Request Saturday......

I was asked to do a tutorial on the cover I did by the Carpenters called "Close to you" Hope this helps!!!



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BlackLung Show Promo

Get ready.....for THIS SUNDAY 8/16 at 4PM (PST) I will be playing a NEW song LIVE on the BlackLung Radio Show on Kaotic Radio Station!! :) Make sure you set your reminders and tune in!! :) HUGS

"Something" The Beatles Ukulele Cover

Happy #TunesTuesday!!!

Enjoy my version of #Something by #TheBeatles


Sunday, August 9, 2015

My 1st time playing LIVE on air "No Boundaries Radio Show: Aug 5, 2015


Well this week was super exciting for me!! :)

I was contacted by JoJo with the "No Boundaries Radio Show" and she wanted to know if I'd be interested in doing an interview/play live for their show on the ParaX Radio Station!

Of course, how could I resist and offer like this!!? I was totally game!!


She told me they were going to pick 3 songs for me to play!! I was scheduled to go LIVE at 5 ( PM , pst time) on Wednesday August 5th, 2015.

I was so super excited!!! I practiced my 3 songs each day!!

The song order was as follows:

"Happy You" (my original)
"I'm into Something Good"

As we were setting up to go on live William mentioned that he was wondering if I knew how to play "Tip Toe Through the Tulips"? I said why Yes, I do!!  So we decided at that time to add it to the list!!

William and JoJo were such awesome Hosts and they made me feel super comfortable and welcome to be apart of their show!!

For those of you who took the time to tune in LIVE on Wednesday....Thanks from the bottom of my heart!! It meant so much to me to hear you listened in and supported me!!  I appreciate all your messages and comments as well!! THANK YOU!!


Now I know, everyone has busy schedules ....and if you missed it, never fear!!! I have enclosed a few different versions here!!

Hope you enjoy my 1st interview playing LIVE on air!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who supported and continue to support my work past, present and future!!

I sure appreciate all of you!!

Thanks William and JoJo for all your hard work and research and for this opportunity!!! :)

BIG HUGS!! Enjoy the show!!!


BEHIND THE SCENES INTERVIEW: "No Boundaries Radio Show" 8/5/15

ARCHIVE VERISON: "No Boundaries Radio Show" 8/5/15

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'll be Playing LIVE on air Wed. 8/3

Make sure you guys mark your calendars.... I have some exciting news to share!!! :) My 1st time playing LIVE!!!! :)

I will be playing my Uke LIVE on the No Boundaries Radio Show​ at 8PM EST (5 PM PST) !!!

Looking forward to chatting with JoJo Crockett​ and William Maltese​ on Para X Radio​ (Online Streaming) 
(Book Mark This Site and listen in on Wed. night to hear me!! )

Can't wait !!!