Sunday, August 30, 2015

BlackLung Radio Show 8.16.15 --Playing LIVE

Man oh man.... August has been a busy month for me in regards to music!!! I was contacted by ANOTHER radio show!!! I was so super excited about that!!!  I did the interview with the BlackLung Show  on August 16th, 2015 at the Kaotic Radio Station headquarters!!  Make sure you scroll down to my BEHIND THE SCENES Video!!! 
Thank you to EVERYONE who tuned in....or watched the behind the scenes video!! 
I appreciate all your support!! 

Here is my little story !!! 

Promo Video 

I'm at the Kaotic Radio Station Headquarters 8.16.15

Inside Kaotic Radio Station waiting for our mic check!! 

At Kaotic Radio With my side-kick.....she is here to support me !! :) 

Here at Kaotic Radio... getting ready to be on the BlackLung Show!!! 

All Mic-ed up and ready to roll on the BlackLung Show!! 

At Kaotic Radio Station Headquater on the BlackLung show 
with Host Ryan Pena  8.16.15

BlackLung Show on Kaotic Radio 8.16.15

Playing LIVE on the BlackLung Show 8.16.15

Had a super great time on the BlackLung show w/these 2 guys
Donald Nunez and Ryan Pena 
Thanks guys!!! 

My super sweet side-kick supporting me at Kaotic Radio Station 

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