Saturday, December 26, 2015

LIVE with "The Blaine Humbles Show" on Kaotic Radio 12/22/15

December just keeps getting better I tell ya!! :)

So after my 1st Live YouTube Broadcast (Inkerbella's Elfin' Sing-a-Long) I got contacted by Blaine Humbles who has his own radio show called "The Blaine Humbles Show" on Kaotic Radio!! He was wondering if I'd be interested in being interviewed and performing some Christmas songs on his radio station on Tuesday 12/22/15?

I of course was thrilled he asked and said YES!!!  So I was booked!! Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 for the 9am Hour of his 3 hour radio show!!   I asked if it was ok if Kelsey came along.. and he of course said YES!! I was so excited and Kelsey was too!!  

We got to the radio station at 8:30 am.. b/c I don't like to be late.. in fact, my style is to be early!!

So we went ahead and got inside the studio so I could make sure my Ukulele, Lily was in tune for the show!! :) 

Kelsey and I at the Kaotic Radio Station Studio 

Inkerbella Getting ready to go LIVE on "The Blaine Humbles Show" 
Kaotic Radio 12/22/15 

I had the best time ever being interviewed by Blaine and his co-host Dan!! I performed 4 different Christmas songs and Lots of laughs were had by all!!  Kelsey even got into the action!!!  She got to sing with me on "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" she of course did amazing!!! 
She also got to talk about her favorite band R5.  They even played some of their music on the station!!  Kelsey was so excited to get to talk about R5!! 
We had a blast!!! 

If you missed the LIVE broadcast... no worries.. We got you covered!! 
Here is the archived version from the radio station... so you can listen in here: 

"The Blaine Humbles Show" on Kaotic Radio 
Dec. 22, 2015 

Also.. I have a behind the scenes video just for you... 


A HUGE Thanks to Blaine for having us on!!! I really do appreciate this opportunity!! You have no idea how much it means to me!! 

Thanks to everyone who listened in and to everyone who has watched to video and listened to the archive!!! I appreciate all the support!!!  With the end of 2015 coming to a close super fast... and with 2015 being a really super amazing year... I'm excited to see what 2016 will bring!!! 


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