Saturday, December 26, 2015

Inkerbella's Elfin' Sing-a-Long Dec. 20th. 2015

Wow... what an awesome December!!!

So... if you follow me on social media... you probably saw that I decided to do my 1st ever LIVE broadcast and I called it "Inkerbella's Elfin' Sing-a-Long."

I had a BLAST performing some Xmas songs for everyone to enjoy!!! Kelsey even got in on the action!! Thanks to everyone who was able to tune in on Sunday Dec. 20, 2015.    I especially enjoyed getting comment and responding to you guys LIVE!! That was really cool!! I will definitely be considering doing another LIVE broadcast again!!   Thanks again for all your support!!!


If you missed it... never fear.. you can see it here: 

I had a little bit of issues figuring it out.. so you might have also seen this...

And here is my little promo video that you probably saw:

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