Monday, November 26, 2012

Filming "Adolescence"

Film Banner 

On set of "Adolescence"
Sept. 2, 2012

I just LOVE when I get to work with my Daughter!!
Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 we headed over to Playa Del Rey to film for a new web series called "Adolescence."

The Director Mickey River contacted me for this gig!! It's always nice to know that my film family has my back!! He heard about me from my friend and fellow Actor/Director Dave Reda. A BIG HUGE SHOUT out and THANK YOU to DAVE!!! ;)  Kelsey and I were going to get to work together again, WAHOO!!!  Mickey was super nice and easy to work with!!  This episode we got to be birthday party guests Mom and Daughter attending the party!  Kelsey had a blast playing around all day!  I had a super time as well!! Got to meet and make new friends, and it was just a very lovely day!  Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!!

Here are a few pictures from our day!! There will be more info. soon!!

Make Up Time!!!
Donna Sexton  MUA and Kelsey Shoup getting ready 

Make UP!
with Donna Sexton 

Getting ready to film
Director Mickey River and Camera man Nate Anderson setting up 

Kelsey Shoup with Director Mickey River
on set of Adolescence

Mickey River and Inkerbella
on set of Adolescence


Nov. 26, 2012

Official Film Poster 

The short film we did is official up to view
Take a peek here:

Also, we are looking for a bit of help.....we want to get rolling again and we are looking for donations!! 
If you can help take a look.....

Thanks so much for your continued support!! ;) 

Still shot of Kelsey Shoup
working on Adolescence Film

Still shot of Inkerbella
working on Adolescence Film

Another still shot of Kelsey Shoup 
working on Adolescence Film

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