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Neon Trees Music Video for "Everybody Talks"

Neon Trees
"Everybody Talks"



Feb. 13, 2012

My next job in 2012 is a super neato music video for the band Neon Trees!!  They have a new CD coming out in April 2012 and I got casted to shoot their music video for their single called "Everybody Talks" Let me tell you, I'm pretty sure this song is going to be a huge hit!! It's a super cute song...and super catchy!!

Got on set that day around 2pm and worked all night. We wrapped around 12:45 PM. It was a BLAST!

I was playing a Gothic Girl and got the most amazing prop to be in all night!!

So we were at Cadillac Jacks in Sun Valley.  The set was done up as a drive in movie from the 50' super cute!  Something super fun is a choreographer came in and taught us all a hand-jive they wanted us to do during the chorus...hehe...It was great, I will never forget it!

Here is the link to the can download it from iTunes!!
iTunes download for Neon Trees "Everybody Talks"

Here are some pictures from my day.... ;)

Cadillac Jacks
getting set up
Feb.13, 2012

Inside Cadillac Jacks

Inkerbella and Annie Hsu
Playing around on set 

Inkerbella, David SK Kim, Annie Hsu
hanging out on set

A familiar face...a friend/film family member 
Tim Dax and Inkerbella
We worked on CSI together in 2011.

Inkerbella, MoTown Maurice and Annie Hsu
on set of Neon Trees Everybody Talks 
Found Picture online

On set of Neon Trees Everybody Talks
Learning the DANCE!! Can you see me...a bit blurry but I'm there! 

Inkerbella playing a Gothic Girl
for the music video Neon Trees "Everybody Talks"

Inkerbella and Annie Hsu...the Happy Goths! ;) 

The prop I got to play in all night...and one of my dream cars
hehehe!! ;)
Where else would a gothic girl be showing up to a drive in movie in?

Here we are on set 
in our car!! :) 

Inkerbella and Annie
inside our Hearse on set of "Everybody Talks"

Inside the Hearse
Inkerbella, Annie Hsu, Chae Amando on set of "Everybody Talks"

The Band Neon Trees is getting in their car
don't you just love our green screen movie? hehe

Wanna ride???

On set of "Everybody Talks" Music Video

The Band Neon Trees


March 8, 2012

The music video is officially released....take a peek on Vevo and YouTube!! 
You will see me at the very end of the video!! Can you spot me??

 Still shot of the music video
You can see me in the left corner of the screen! 

Still shot on set of "Everybody Talks"
Me, Annie and Chae

One last still shot from the music video!


March 31, 2012

"Everybody Talks" Premieres on VH1's Top 20 Count Down!!!



October 6, 2012

Guess what??? "Everybody Talks" is officially #1 on the VH1 Top 20 Count down!!! Yippie!! Great job to everyone!!! 


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