Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WiHM 2012

I was one of the lucky ladies who was asked to have an interview for WiHM 2012!! I am so thrilled!!
What? You don't know what that is? Well....let me help bring you up to speed...

WiHM=Women in Horror Month

Tattoos and Horror! My favorites! 

An interview with Inkerbella.


She’s an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. With her own line of fragrances, a successful modeling portfolio and a blossoming acting career, Inkerbella has certainly left her stamp on the horror industry. Although, in her case, leaving a stamp isn’t really her style- give her a tattoo gun and she’ll just carve her own niche into the body of horror!
As a constantly busy professional, Inkerbella also doubles as a doting mother (like many of the amazing women I’ve featured thus far and will be featuring for the next month and a half or so!).
Her talents, work and passion hit on all She’s also one of the most enthusiast ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting with.

Read more here: 

Yep the lovely month of February is when this annually happens!

So today being hearts day....I feel very super special to have my interview for WiHM release today!!

Take a peek and a read !!!
Make sure you also check out the other fellow ladies as the month continues!

Thanks again for all the continued support!!
Also, a special thanks to Justin Hamelin for his hard work and the interview!


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