Saturday, October 29, 2011

PodCast Interview....It's LIVE!!!

Hey guys....

I was lucky enough to get invited by Char Hardin, the Southern Belle of Horror Reviews
( ) to join her Podcast called "Ghouls Night Out part 2"
Just wanted to let you know that the podcast is now LIVE for your listening pleasure!
It was great fun chatting with Char and also Roxsy Tyler!!  You will probably learn more than you wanted to know about me on this podcast!!  Hope you enjoy it!! ;)

Thanks for your support!!
follow the link below to hear the podcast:

Horrorphilia presents: Ghouls Night Out Part 2 (Click HERE)


Apr 2012
You can now download this podcast on iTunes for FREE
Here is the link...
iTunes PodCast CLICK HERE
Enjoy! ;)

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