Sunday, July 24, 2016


Charlie Hunnam and Inkerbella 
July 17, 2016

So it was a warm sunny California day in Los Angeles, July 17th, 2016... I was on my way with my side-kick Kelsey to goto the filming of seasons 13 "So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation" and we happened to stop into Erewhon which happens to be on the corner before getting to the CBS studios lot. All of a sudden I spot CHARLIE HUNNAM!! I was like, wait a second... do my eyes deceive me?? Nope, it was really fucking HUNN-HIM!!! I couldn't believe it!  I told my Daughter, "look... that's Charlie Hunnam, remember... Jax from Sons of Anarchy?"  She said, "oh yea... wow, cool!!" I've been a fan for a LONG while and absolutely loved him in SOA!  

Well that wasn't good enough for me... next thing I knew, my feet were taking me right up to him.  My Daughter had kept walking and talking to me to realize... I didn't answer, she turned around and saw me already talking to him.  She quickly came back over!  I tried not to be too fan-girlish... 
I said, "Hi, how are you? Is there anyway I could get a picture with you?"  He smiled super BIG and said (in his cute British accent), "Of Course!" I handed my phone to Kelsey and while I waited for her to take the picture, stuff started coming out of my mouth.. things like.. "Oh your so tall, and look so nice!" He smiled, lightly laughed and said "Thank You." So we took the picture and then I started to shake his hand and said, "My name is Inkerbella, it's super nice to meet you!" He said, "Well Hi, I'm Charlie." (melting me again w/ that voice) I continued to tell him "I'm an Actress and it would be so super cool to work with you someday!" He said, "Ok Inkerbella, I'll keep an eye out for you!" I then said "Thank you, have a good day!" 

It would be amazing to work with him!! Back when SOA was filming, I really wanted to book on that show... but wasn't meant to be.  The future is always just around the bend, I always say.. never say never, b/c you never know!! He's def. one of those actors I'd love to work with someday!  Until then, I have this picture to look at.  As soon as we left him, we ran over to the restroom and I nearly melted!! I kept saying to Kelsey, "did that just happen?" lol. I was shaking and my legs felt like jello!! I told her... now I know how YOU felt last year when we got you the Meet and Greet tickets for her favorite band R5!  She said, "Yep!" 
I could have stayed and chatted with Charlie forever, I felt super lucky to have had these few minutes with him.  He is certainly the sweetest guy in show biz!! See you next time, and I for one am excited for his new movie "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword"   due out in 2017!! 

Thanks Charlie for taking a few minutes out of your day to chat with me!!

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