Saturday, March 28, 2015

I was "Chosen" !!!

I'm so happy to finally be able to to talk about this....
So back in Feb. 2015 I got contacted by a new app called Chosen.... they found me on YouTube and contacted me and asked if I would be interested in being one of the 1st of a small handful of artist to be featured on their app!!!

Chosen is a new brand new app from the makers of Beats Music, Mog and Gracenote!!  It's the first video competition for musical artist.  Spectators can act as judges and artist have a shot at becoming a start!!

After looking over the info...I couldn't resist the offer!! They asked for a few specific videos I posted.... "Addams Family" Cover and my "Imagine" Cover!!

The app launched yesterday March 27th, 2015......I was super excited to see that after only being on the app for a little of my videos was trending yesterday!!  You never know what could come of this!!! I'm excited to have been noticed at me, I already won just for that alone!!

From the App Yesterday on the release date... My Paper Bag song was Trending!! 

I appreciate everyone's support and I will for sure have more of my music-videos to come!!

CLICK HERE to see more!!


  1. Hi Inkerbella, thanks for the writeup, we're having a great time building Chosen and your experience is exactly the sort of thing we're hoping to bring to our users. :) And we really appreciate you being part of our launch. Try out the in-app performance recording tools now that we are live!

    1. Sure thing!! I think it's a pretty neat app!!! :) Thank you so much for finding me and allowing me to be apart of it!! :)
      I actually did....I posted my Paper Bag song & used the tools...pretty nifty!! Best of luck! HUGS