Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bunnyman Massacre AKA Bunnyman 2 OUT ON DVD!!! :)

So super excited to see a film my Daughter Kelsey Shoup is in....and her 1st film is OUT ON DVD!!! :)
Congrats to everyone who was apart of this proud of you Kelsey!!! HUGS

Picture shows the UK release on the left and the US release on the right. 

It was on TV earlier this year....and now you can OWN the film ON DVD!!!
Calling all Horror Fans....

Bunnyman Massacre/ aka Bunnyman 2 is out on DVD TODAY!!!
See picture above, you can buy the DVD through Amazon, Best Buy etc. and watch it on Netflix etc. However, the DVD has hours and hours of extra's.  Thanks for the support!

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