Monday, August 26, 2013

8.13 at the Hollyshorts Film Festival 2013

Wednesday August 21, 2013

Wahooo...Tonight is the night!! 8.13 will be on the BIG SCREEN over at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California!! 9th Annual Hollyshorts 2013 Film Festival.

The night went super!!  It was so nice reconnecting with my Zom813 family again! For those Zom813z that couldn't make were missed!! :)   Hollyshorts 2013 film festival had 12,000 in attendance this year!! Amazing!!   I can tell you honestly, the night we had our block at 9:30 PM on Wed. Aug 21st....the theatre was SOLD OUT!!  There were people standing b/c they over sold tickets!! Pretty freakin' cool really!! That was some really cool exposure!

I want to thank everyone who ran the Hollyshorts festival, it was wonderful and the venue was awesome!  Also, I shout out to my Zom813 Cast and was great to see everyone again!!  I feel so lucky to have been apart of this amazing group of people!! Thanks for all the hours, blood, sweat and tears to make it all happen!!

Now...on ward with pictures of our night!! :)
Thanks again for your support!!

Chinese Theatre
Hollywood, California

Chinese Theatre Hollywood, CA

ready to see our film on the BIG Screen at the Chinese Theatre

One of my Favorite Pictures at the Chinese Theatre
Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell 

Red Carpet time with my Zom813 Family
Beau Ryan, Traycee King, Kelsey Shoup, Inkerbella and Chris Bang

Red Carpet with the  8.13 Cast & Crew

Kelsey Shoup & Inkerbella
Red Carpet at the Chinese Theatre 

Inkerbella Red Carpet at the Hollyshorts Film Festival 2013
Chinese Theatre Hollywood, CA 

Kelsey Shoup and Inkerbella 

More Red Carpet Fun with our Director added in!

My Mom's 1st Red Carpet/ Film Festival 

It's always fun when you run into friends and see familiar faces at events!
Nice to see you both again!! HUGS 
Hollyshorts 2013 Film Festival 

Kelsey found the Twilight Hand & Foot Prints

I found Shirley Temple....I love her movies...totally grew up watching them!

Chinese Theatre Thanks for the great memories!! :) 

Good Bye Chinese Theatre!! Hope to see you again soon!! 

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