Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Thor-The Rock Opera" DVD is FOR SALE!!!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" DVD

Yep the wait is now OVER!!!
The film that I'm in "Thor-The Rock Opera" DVD is now for sale!!

You can order your copy on Only $14.99 Each
Click to link to buy now!!

"Thor-The Rock Opera" is a Sci-fi, Action, Comedy....ok for all ages to view!
Not only does the DVD have the regular full length feature film, but also the Director's cut (best one to watch if your short on time) and a  Bloopers reel.

This film is very silly makes me laugh ;) combines older footage from the orginal Thor films (Rock N Roll Nightmare from the 80's) with the current footage in which I'm in. Also mixed in there are some concert/music video's of Thor from the past and present. I warned you, it's silly!  lol ;)

Thanks again for all your support on my projects!
I have so many more to come!!
Stay Tuned!!!


Feb. 1, 2012

"Thor the Rock Opera"  is now on instant video on  BUY TODAY....

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